You DON’T know………..


> You don’t know that the 25 stone person you see in the gym used to be 35 stone……

> You don’t know that the person struggling to lift the 10kg weights started by lifting 2kg…….

> You don’t know that the person you judge for being ‘arrogant’ or in ‘love with themselves’, simply because they are leaner than the average person, used to be obese & has had to work their arse to get where they are right now……….

> You don’t know that the person who ‘never speaks’ in the gym & keeps their head down is just as insecure & intimidated as the next person………

> You don’t know that guy who is always ‘checking his phone’ in the gym is a doctor who is constantly on call, and is directly responsible for the lives of others………..

> You don’t know that the ‘naturally skinny’ guy/girl is just as self-conscious as the overweight person……….

> You don’t know what injuries/illnesses a person may have when you see them doing an exercise in what you deem to be an in an ‘unconventional’ manner……….

> You don’t know that the tired & stressed mother of two, who has literally been up all night, is fighting every day to do all she can to regain her confidence….

> You don’t know that the guy next to you the gym who you judge for grunting is going through hell with a messy divorce, and the gym is his only release………..

We ALL judge at times & we are ALL capable of casting our fears & insecurities onto others, just try to remember:

EVERYONE has a story…….

Everyone has their own pain, their own doubts & fears, their own issues & their own hang ups….

That’s all for today, until the next time, have a great weekend.

Tristan ‘nobody knows’ Buttle.

P.S – nothing else today, I’ll catch you next week.

a quick one on training……..


In order to achieve your health and fitness goals, you simply MUST train!

When it comes to training, rarely does one size fit all, and if you were to ask 10 people (who have got results) what they do, you may get 10 different answers…

How I train is specific to ME, how YOU train needs to be specific to YOU.

Training age/experience, injuries & limitations, personal likes & dislikes, frequency & time are just some of the factors that need to be considered when looking at what is the best approach for you to take.

There is no such thing as the ‘best exercise’, only the best exercise for you.

However, I do believe there are two factors that apply to ALL forms of training:

1) You must train with relative intensity.

Training ‘hard’ is all relative, but remember that training needs to place a stress on your body for it to change. Training NEEDS to be intense, otherwise we would all get in shape from simply going shopping or cutting the grass.

How do you know if you are training hard?

Ask yourself this:

When did you last truly step out of your comfort zone in the gym?

Or imagine this:

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1= laid on the sofa doing nothing, and 10=being sick out of your eyeballs (not literally ha) where would you currently place your sessions?

2) You must train progressively.

Put in very simple terms, you need to beat or improve what you do every time you train.

No matter what style of training you adopt, you need to log your workouts and come into the gym with a clear plan of action.

You need to log all reps and all weight lifted and create targets.

Your body will adapt very quickly to the stress of exercise, therefore progression is an essential factor in helping to ensure that your training continues to provide the correct stimulus for change.

Chances are you do this in all other areas of your life: for example, your relationships and work life both progress, this what keeps things moving forwards, this is how we grow and develop.

Please note that both of the factors above have nothing to do with age or the ‘amount’ an individual may currently be lifting.

e.g. – Lets say I’m lifting 100 kg on an exercise, but I’ve been doing so for the last 2 months, I haven’t increased in either weight or reps performed….

…..and Mrs Smith was lifting 3kg 2 months ago and is now lifting 6kg, then Mrs. Smith has progressed more than I have.

Where you start is irrelevant, intensity and progression is relative to you and your goals….

That’s all for today, until the next time, keep moving forward

Tristan ‘log book’ Buttle.

P.S – Adding weight to an exercise or increasing reps should NEVER be done at the expense of poor form!

P.P.S – If your performance isn’t progressing then you need to ask yourself why?

P.P.P.S – Give me a shout if I can help you out with any of the above.

The 4 essentials to fat loss: Number 1………


We live in a world of information overload, & the birth of social media has provided many individuals and self-proclaimed ‘experts’ or ‘gurus’ with a voice…

Often, these voices tell you that they have THE answer, and that they have THE secret, and that ultimately, their way is THE way.

When it comes to fat loss & getting in shape, there are many ways to train and many ways to set up a nutritional plan….

…..however what works for someone else is not guaranteed to work for you.

The work that is required to achieve any goal is always obviously dependent on the specifics of the goal in question, that been said, I believe there are 4 basic areas that apply to ANY fat loss related goal…..

Today, we are just going to look at number 1, I’ll be in touch over the next few days with the rest…

1) Eating and understanding calories:

Nutrition is a MASSIVE topic and probably THE most confusing area of fat loss.

>However, in simple terms, fat loss ultimately comes to down to creating a calorie deficit.

This is ESSENTIAL, please don’t let anybody tell you calories don’t count. Too much of ANY food can result in weight gain.

A deficit can be achieved in a variety of methods and no one approach suits everyone.

What I will say is that when it comes to a creating a calorie deficit consider the following:

>What is the highest (not lowest) number of calories you can consume to achieve your goals? This will prevent you from starving yourself, setting unsustainable targets and stop you from burning out and giving up on your goals… remember that by definition, calories are a unit of ENERGY.

>The biggest influencing factor on fat loss is the TOTAL amount of calories you consume on a continual basis, not the time of day that you consume your calories.

Eg: let’s say you need to eat 2500kcal, but you have a busy day and it gets to 9pm but you still have 500kcal left to consume, then eat!!

It is the total figure that you hit by the end of the day that counts.

Start with the basics first, if you reading this and you are struggling with losing body fat, I suggest you start by logging your daily food intake.

You can easily do this by downloading the myfitnesspal app on your phone.

Its free, its simple and very user friendly.

Don’t worry about the targets the app sets you with, just use it as a log, this will help you to assess exactly where you are at with your intake.

It will also educate you on the true calorie content of certain food choices!

I’m not saying that you need to log everything, every day for the rest of your life, but if what you are doing isn’t working, then perhaps it’s time to try something new?

That’s all for today, if you get stuck with anything, then give me shout,

Tristan ‘calories DO count’ Buttle

Ps – part 2 with you tomorrow, if you are lucky!

The best ab workout I’ve had was in Magaluf……..


I went on a stag do last weekend………

………in Magaluf!

Yep, that’s right, 22 of us all descended on Magaluf for 3 days.

Leading up to the event I was slightly apprehensive: I was a Magaluf virgin, throughout 2016 I had consumed a total of 4 alcoholic drinks (not 4 nights out, just a total of 4 individual alcoholic drinks), and I had committed to a 3 day event…

The first lesson here is to know what you are signing up for: this was a stag do with 22 guys in Magaluf, it was never going to be the healthiest of weekends, so I just accepted that and went with it.

Complaining or objecting would be like booking into a Spinning class, turning up but saying you don’t want to pedal a bike. You know what you are signing up for, it is what it is. If you don’t want to ride the bike you are in the wrong class.

In terms of nutrition, the trip was hands down the unhealthiest I have been in a very long time. I often went hours & hours without eating, and when I did eat it was sub-standard to say the least and often at ridiculous times.

On top of a somewhat below par nutritional set up (that’s me putting it politely), hydration was poor, and sleep was far from optimal, sharing a room with a pal of mine who snores like a dying animal didn’t help!

However, I honestly cannot tell you the last time that I laughed as much as I did over the course of the 3 days!

I’m talking actual pain in my abs and ribs from laughing that hard, it was pretty much constant relentless fun and banter…..

They say laughter is the best medicine, which is probably why despite the above pointers about poor nutrition, I would argue the weekend WAS healthy……….. It was healthy for the soul.

For example, when was the last time you laughed uncontrollably and hysterically? Isn’t this what life should be about? Isn’t this part of having a truly healthy mind? Life should be fun!

As we all get older (it happens) we all get more commitments, more responsibilities, more duties, and we are often slaves to time.

We become governed by diaries & our phones, and our days are mapped out for us………pretty much every hour of the day becomes accounted for.

There were times during last weekend where I often had no concept of time…..when did you last feel like this?

People gravitate to holidays, stag dos, hen dos, & weekend breaks because it’s one the few times you don’t HAVE to do anything, you don’t HAVE to be anywhere at a specific time(other than the beach or the next bar!) and your time becomes exactly that…YOURS…………

Going away also reminded how much my close friends mean to me and how I’d missed seeing them, I also made some new (if not slightly odd) friends!

Again, this is what life should be about, solid friendship is essential and an integral part of having a successful life.

Every now and again having a break from everything is a healthy thing, we all get caught up in the day to day stuff, the commitments, the meetings, the job, the stress & the worry.

I’m not suggesting that you live every weekend like we did in Magaluf, and the chances are you couldn’t and shouldn’t want to! Doing this regularly would become old very quickly and pretty much kill your progress, however as ever, the answer is balance. This was 4 days out the year for me…balance.

What I am suggesting is if you can find the time to have some time off now and again, where you are not a slave to your job and/or your phone and you do so whilst truly having fun & laughing with people who are closest to you, then you, my friend, are winning………….

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘straight back to the gym on the Monday’ Buttle.

p.s – if you need any help on bringing balance into your routine, give me a shout.

It’s a waste of time…………………

Have you ever found yourself laid awake at night with worry? 

You can’t sleep, your mind is racing & you get more annoyed at every hour that passes??? 

As it’s another hour awake when you know you should be asleep….

You are literally on count down…..

Awful isn’t it?

I’ve been there…..I still find myself there from time to time….

Maybe you are overthinking something that has happened or more than likely its something that you THINK is going to happen?

Here’s the thing:
You simply cannot control what is going to happen to you…..
…..sometimes the only thing you can control is your attitude towards these events & what happens in your life…..
Worrying & using your energy on things you can’t control is a waste of time…
This applies to every aspect of your life…. Your health, business & relationships…..
Time is so so precious, I’m feeling this more & more as I grow older myself…..value your time & use it positively… Ideally without worry….
Easy said than done I know…
However I want you to try & remember this the next time you are struggling:
Fear/worry is based on what hasn’t even happened yet, it’s always based on what MIGHT happen & you cannot predict the future…..

That’s all for today, until the next time.

Tristan ‘crystal ball’ Buttle.

P.S – I’ll send some practical tips on improving your sleep later in the week.

Struggling with your sleep? Read this………


I’ve had lots of sleepless nights over the years….

…….take a naturally overactive mind, a tendency for a high caffeine intake, add in all the stress/worry/fears that come with age (it happens) and I have a recipe that will keep me up all night, if I let it.

There’s nothing worse than not sleeping……laid there ‘trying’ to sleep, or ‘trying’ to relax, the end result is often anything but……

And what about how you feel the next day after a broken nights sleep?

Every little issue is amplified, you far feel more emotional when tired, & you lose your temper far quicker and a lot easier.

On a practical level of planning/preparing your meals, starting your day in a fatigued state can lead to cravings and a huge instability in energy levels. This will do nothing but disrupt your lifestyle and hinder your progress.

Have you ever tried to cook, from scratch, a balanced and nutritionally sound meal when overly fatigued?

In this tired state the likelihood of reaching for that ‘quick fix’ is far greater, cue the increased desire for the pizza. Hormonally speaking, your body also reaches for these quick fixes for a reason.

Ideally, how you eat should help to stabilize your energy levels and you want to avoid any peaks and troughs throughout the day. A lack of sleep can quickly lead to a downward spiral if you let it. In turn, this can create a huge negative effect on your mindset, whilst also killing your results in the gym.

Trust me; I’ve been there, sometimes I’m very much still there.

In my experience, most people consider that to improve their health and/or their physique, then they have accepted they need to exercise. They may have also considered that they need to make changes to their eating pattern, but few consider the true application of rest & quality sleep.

Sleep is comprised of 4 main stages, the most commonly talked about/discussed being R.E.M (rapid eye movement). This stage is often associated with dreaming but has also been linked to memory improvement and retention.

I’ve wrote about sleep before, but today I want to give you some practical tips, and share some of things I do to help myself. Listed below is what would be my ideal routine.

First off, if you are struggling to sleep, I would consider looking at quality over quantity. In my opinion, 5-6 hours of uninterrupted sleep will always beat 8 hours of broken & stressed sleep. You need to find your own required amount that leaves you feeling rested, refreshed, and ready for your day.

1) Have a ‘cut off’ point for caffeine intake during the day. I try to make this 5pm, for yourself you may wish to make it earlier in the day.

2) Make your last main meal of the day balanced. What I mean by this is have meal that contains protein, carbohydrate & fat. Carbs help to release serotonin; these are the ‘feel good’ chemicals that help you relax.

Note: if you are struggling with sleep & you are on a low carb diet, this could be why. If you are concerned about overdoing your carb intake for the day, just reduce the amount from another meal throughout your day. Rice/Beans are an ideal choice, as is a bowl of porridge. This may seem strange or potentially go against what you have been led to believe, but if what you are currently doing isn’t helping, perhaps its time for change?

3) Depending on when you consume the previously mentioned meal, consider having either cottage cheese or Greek yoghurt (Fage would be my suggested brand of choice) about 1 hour before bed. If you are genuinely full/not hungry, don’t do this, don’t force it, doing so wont help.

4) Read a book 30 mins prior to going to sleep opposed to TV or scrolling through your IPhone or IPad.

5) Drink Chamomile tea whilst reading your book.

6) OPTION: you may wish to supplement with ZMA. This is taken orally and consists of Zinc, Magnesium, & Copper. These minerals can help your body to relax/combat stress. I have found this has helped, not necessarily to ‘get’ me to sleep, but to maintain my sleep.

5) Get your bedroom as dark as possible, think batcave!

6) You may wish to download some relaxing sounds. There are many apps available. Select one that can be played on timer, I personally opt for rain/thunderstorms.

Note: if you choose to do this on your IPhone, place the phone face down, & turn your phone to airplane mode.

7) Experiment with wearing an eye mask. This is something I’d never done until it was introduced to me last year. Whilst you don’t want to get reliant on wearing one every night of your life, and it may not be the sexiest of items, it may help you, as it has me.

8) If you wake up with a sudden panic or fear, try to remain calm. This is normal, we all have these moments, if it is worry that has awoken you, try writing it down. Don’t use your phone, use pen & paper; leave it by your bedside.

9) If you do wake up, don’t look at your phone or turn it over to look at the time. This will only add to your worry, and create further tension as you start to mentally ‘count down’ the hours until you have to be up.

If your sleep or lack of is becoming a real issue, there is absolutely no shame in going to see your doctor. I’ve done it myself. It’s important to address an issues you may have, not doing so will hold you back, not only in the gym but in all other aspects of your life.

Try some of the above practical tips first, see how you get on. I hope they help, let me know.

Until the next time,

Tristan ‘sleep tight; don’t let the bed bugs bite’ Buttle.


The importance of Sleep – my first quick blog.



Sleeping for recovery and results.

From my experience of dealing with a huge cross section of members and performing literally hundreds of consultations, one massively overlooked area of lifestyle is sleep and the importance there of.

Some of you will be aware of your typical daily nutrition plan, and some of you may even have a regular structured, progressive training program and enjoy a regular exercise pattern, but have you factored in your sleep as a key factor in achieving your goals and results?

Sleep is essentially your body’s recovery time, yet it is rarely associated with or linked to achieving results. It is vital to not overlook the correlation between your sleep pattern and your overall performance not only when exercising, but also when carrying out day to day tasks. Its no surprise that when you fall short on the amount of sleep you get, you will struggle, both physically and mentally, to perform to your maximum potential. This obviously creates a negative start point to any workout you may perform.

When you exercise, you actually place stress on your body, not only by creating tiny microscopic tears in your muscle fibres, but also by taxing both your immune system and your nervous system. Taking this into account, sleep is essential in aiding the recovery process and allowing your body to rebuild itself. If this recovery process is hindered/shortened/broken, then the exercise that follows will also be hindered/shortened/broken.

On a practical level of planning/preparing your meals, starting your day in a fatigued state can lead to cravings and instability in energy levels, again disrupting your lifestyle and hindering your progress. I would also challenge anyone to cook from scratch a balanced and nutritionally sound meal when fatigued. In this state the likelihood of reaching for that ‘quick fix’ is far greater. Ideally when looking at meal planning/preparation one should look to stabilise energy levels and avoid any peaks and troughs throughout the day.

To summarise: the quality of your day is often heavily influenced by the quality of your previous night.

Simple Tips for improving the quality of your sleep:

-Aim to wind your evening down an hour before actually going to bed.
-Get your bedroom as dark as possible, think of Bruce Waynes Batcave!
-Turn off all electrical equipment.
-Use your bedroom only for sleep, this helps to create association with sleep and rest.
-Ensure you have a comfortable and supportive mattress and aim to use pillows that provide adequate neck and shoulder support.

Your bed is your friend.

Sleep well,


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