Breaking up after one argument……..


>Chances are that at some point you have had an argument with your other half?

Did you break up immediately after this one single argument?

>Chances are that at some point you have disagreed with a friend?

Did you immediately sack this friend off and remove them from your life?

>Chances are that at some point you have cracked or damaged your phone?

Did you then throw your phone against the wall, smashing it to pieces?!

>Chances are you have burnt the tea at some point?

Did you then torch the entire kitchen?!

>Chances are that at some point you have had a flat tyre?

Did you then get out the car and slash the other 3 tyres?!

I bet you have been guilty of self-sabotaging when it comes to your goals though?

Eg: you’ve had a long day hectic day, you skip the gym, and by the time you sit down to eat you are tempted by your favourite trigger food…………

You indulge…..

Big time……..

And then some….

You eat more, not because you particularly want it, but because you have come this far and the damage is done, so you may as well right?

Diet starts again on Monday? No point starting before is there?

If this happens because it’s just a bad day, that’s fine as nothing, if done in isolation will ruin your progress completely.

However, I invite you to ask yourself if your actions are linked to a lack of self-belief?

Deep down, do you truly believe you can achieve your goals?

If you don’t truly believe in your ability to succeed, you will find and create examples to support your doubts, and you will tell yourself:

>’This won’t work’…

>’I can’t do this’…

>’I’m too busy right now’…

>’I’m just not ready yet’…

>’I’m not good enough’…….

>’I’m useless/I’m lazy’…………..


You are the sum of what you do the most of……………

>One bad day doesn’t have to become a bad week………

>One bad week doesn’t have to become a bad month….

>One bad month doesn’t have to become a bad 3 months……….




Remember this:

Rituals and routines get results………..

Stop giving up on yourself and start believing in yourself,

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘you CAN do this’ Buttle

P.S – sorry I haven’t been in touch recently busy, but happy times.









I’ll have Fish & a Rice Cake………………….


>At 8 o’clock I’ll have fish & a rice cake…………

>At 10 o’clock I’ll have fish……

>At 12 o’clock I’ll have fish…………… & a rice cake

>At 2’clock I’ll have fish………

>At 4 o’clock before train I’ll have fish & a rice cake…………

After I train I’ll have my fish, then I’ll have some more fish with a rice cake……………..

>Then I’ll have some fish before I go to bed…………….

No, this is NOT my daily routine!

……. It’s an excerpt from an old documentary on aspiring bodybuilder Danny Andrews that has since become a bit of an internet sensation!

The above run down was Danny’s answer when asked about his nutrition/diet at the time…………


& a rice cake.

Or fish………

Or a rice cake.

Bit much?

Ha, definitely!!………..

Anyway, I’m using this somewhat extreme example to highlight how there can be a huge misconception that eating ‘healthy’ or ‘clean’ has to be boring or monotonous…..this simply doesn’t have to be the case!

I want to tell you today that you categorically do not have to live on the same meals on repeat day in, day out!

You can have variety, and you can mix it up!

Leaving on the SAME meals, MULTIPLE times a day is sure-fire recipe to boredom, driving yourself insane and is totally & completely unrealistic………

Get creative: there is NO need to simply live on chicken and broccoli (or fish & a rice cake) 4 times a day!

My advice would be to learn how to cook in different styles & try new things. Try to embrace change in the kitchen, get social and involve your friends/partner/husband/wife and kids in the creative process.

If you are stuck for ideas or ways to increase your protein content in your diet, give me a shout, I’ll fire you some ideas to keeps things fresh.

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘& a rice cake’ Buttle.

P.S – here’s the link to the original excerpt, so you can see Danny giving us his rundown:

He forgot his trainers…………………


It happens, I get it… you come to the gym straight from work, get changed, unpack your gym gear, realise you’ve forgotten your trainers….and there’s nothing cool about wearing shorts & work shoes is there my friend?

Anyway, last night one guy forgot his trainers, as you do, so he asked if he could borrow any, fair request….however I’m a size 11, he’s a size 8, yet he was determined to fit into my spare pair…..

I appreciated the desire to train, and other than looking like a clown, for an upper body only session, it was fine as a one off…….however this got me thinking my friend…

We all do this with our health & fitness goals…we try to fit into other peoples shoes……

How many times have you wondered what the person next to you does in the gym?

>How do they organise their diet?

>How many carbs do they eat?

>How do they train?

>What classes do they do?

>Etc, etc, etc….

The thing is these answers are ALWAYS specific to the individual… the ‘one size fits all, cookie cutter approach’ simply doesn’t work, it’s not that easy…

Success does leave clues, but what works for one, is not guaranteed to work for another….

The body and mind can be very complex and everybody is unique, this is why treating everyone as an individual is at the heart of my approach………..

Until the next time,

Tristan ‘big shoes, big feet’ Buttle.

Ps give me a shout for a program you that YOU can stick to…..

Alfred’s Golden Knowledge Bombs!


Alfred’s Golden Knowledge Bombs:

Since I was a kid I have always loved Batman (not as in actual man love). He was (& still is) my fav superhero. I always liked the idea that Bruce Wayne is human, & doesn’t possess any actual ‘super’ powers, he is a self made man (who also happens to be a
billionaire) who has taught himself what he needs.

Anyway, before I geek out totally, this blog is actually about Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce’s loyal & ever faithful butler, & how he may just be able to help you.

I recently re watched Batman Begins & it struck me how much mega advice Alfred gives Sir Brucey. So mega in fact, that I thought I would share some of it with you:

Alfred’s 3 golden nuggets:

1 “You start pretending to have fun; you might even have a little by accident.”

This is a true golden nugget of advice he gives to Bruce. We all are all capable of influencing & shaping our time to be either positive or negative. You know those days, you wake up tired, convince yourself you are tired, look in the mirror, tell yourself you look tired, go to work tell everyone your tired etc etc, this is building evidence in your mind to support the negativity you are putting on yourself. Or maybe you convince yourself with what you cannot do & limit your own potential? I know because I do this myself. I doubt myself at times just as much as the next person. Sometimes it’s hard to see a way out of certain situations and it is normal to feel overwhelmed, but if you can try to convince yourself, even if you are ‘pretending’ you may eventually not know the difference and have more fun & laughs along the way! If you pretend to have fun would your mind know the difference, even on those days when you really can’t face it and can’t be arsed?

Take home point: Can you fake it, until you make it?

2 “Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up”.

How do you ever expect to grow as a person if you cannot rise after being knocked down? Falling in life is guaranteed; picking yourself up is what can define you & in turn make you stronger.

Take home point: Welcome adversity (you have no choice, it will appear anyway), rise to it, and ALWAYS get back up.

3 “What is the point of all those pushups if you can’t even lift a bloody log!?”

Alfred even gives Brucey some training advice. Bruce is trapped under a log after being attacked, & despite his physical training & muscular development he struggles to apply practical strength. Basically, Bruce looks great but in this situation, struggles to function. Consider day to day functional fitness in conjunction to your training, what would have a bigger or more positive impact to your life?

Take home point: you may have a great hot body, but what can you do with it? I know guys who are immensely strong, but struggle to tie their own shoelaces!!

Until the next time Bat Fans, thanks for reading, as always, if you found it useful, please like & share.

Tristan ‘man child’ Buttle

Ps Alfred also once saw a child playing with a ruby the size of tangerine, but that’s another story……..

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