a quick one on training……..


In order to achieve your health and fitness goals, you simply MUST train!

When it comes to training, rarely does one size fit all, and if you were to ask 10 people (who have got results) what they do, you may get 10 different answers…

How I train is specific to ME, how YOU train needs to be specific to YOU.

Training age/experience, injuries & limitations, personal likes & dislikes, frequency & time are just some of the factors that need to be considered when looking at what is the best approach for you to take.

There is no such thing as the ‘best exercise’, only the best exercise for you.

However, I do believe there are two factors that apply to ALL forms of training:

1) You must train with relative intensity.

Training ‘hard’ is all relative, but remember that training needs to place a stress on your body for it to change. Training NEEDS to be intense, otherwise we would all get in shape from simply going shopping or cutting the grass.

How do you know if you are training hard?

Ask yourself this:

When did you last truly step out of your comfort zone in the gym?

Or imagine this:

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1= laid on the sofa doing nothing, and 10=being sick out of your eyeballs (not literally ha) where would you currently place your sessions?

2) You must train progressively.

Put in very simple terms, you need to beat or improve what you do every time you train.

No matter what style of training you adopt, you need to log your workouts and come into the gym with a clear plan of action.

You need to log all reps and all weight lifted and create targets.

Your body will adapt very quickly to the stress of exercise, therefore progression is an essential factor in helping to ensure that your training continues to provide the correct stimulus for change.

Chances are you do this in all other areas of your life: for example, your relationships and work life both progress, this what keeps things moving forwards, this is how we grow and develop.

Please note that both of the factors above have nothing to do with age or the ‘amount’ an individual may currently be lifting.

e.g. – Lets say I’m lifting 100 kg on an exercise, but I’ve been doing so for the last 2 months, I haven’t increased in either weight or reps performed….

…..and Mrs Smith was lifting 3kg 2 months ago and is now lifting 6kg, then Mrs. Smith has progressed more than I have.

Where you start is irrelevant, intensity and progression is relative to you and your goals….

That’s all for today, until the next time, keep moving forward

Tristan ‘log book’ Buttle.

P.S – Adding weight to an exercise or increasing reps should NEVER be done at the expense of poor form!

P.P.S – If your performance isn’t progressing then you need to ask yourself why?

P.P.P.S – Give me a shout if I can help you out with any of the above.


Glittery thongs…………………


………..that’s what they wore……& very little else.

I went to a local bodybuilding show yesterday in Hull, for a number of reasons:

To educate myself, to spend some time with someone close to me, to see first hand the results possible from true hard work & focus, & to support a friend who was doing his first physique show……..

>So what?

Well, here’s the thing, whether bodybuilding floats your boat or not, it doesn’t really matter…

All the competitors where the best at what they do within their categories…they had all achieved what is required to be on that stage…they had all earned their place.

Being in a room full of people who are following their dreams, their passions & their goals is nothing but inspiring & extremely positive….

Whatever YOUR passion may be, I encourage you to surround yourself with people who have excelled in that area…and also have people around you who support & understand your passions…..this is essential if you want to succeed.

The competitors didn’t end up there yesterday by chance…

>It took practice…

>It took time…

>It took consistency…



>At times it took sacrifice….

You can apply this to anything my friend, whatever your goals are, whatever your dreams are, you will need to consider ALL of the above….

I urge you to find inspiration for YOUR goals, whatever aspect of your life it fits into.

Whether it’s your relationships, your business/work, or your health & fitness goals….

Seek out the people in the required area that you can learn from…….we ALL need some inspiration from time to time…..

Until the next time,

Tristan ‘totally inspired’ Buttle.

P.S – I’ll be sitting down with Ben (who I was there to support) to get a TRUE insight into his experiences leading up to yesterdays event & I’ll be sharing the content this week. We are looking at how he went about understanding his own motivation and how he kept his focus throughout……there no doubt will be some great content for you to apply to yourself, no matter what YOUR goal is……..

P.P.S – next year could prove to be my debut……….

Read this before taking any supplements!


What you need to know and consider

As protein shakes and the use of a massive array of different supplements are becoming more rapidly widespread, I feel it is part of my duty to you to inform you of the benefits of taking certain supplements in conjunction to a well balanced nutrition plan. I will also address the false misconceptions of taking supplements over the course of the next few months. It can be confusing, and understanding supplementation can be made increasingly difficult by public perception and branding.

For example, if you were to ask the average person what they think of protein shakes, a typical response could be a grimace coupled with “you don’t know what’s in them; it can’t be ‘good’ for you”. In their mind, you may as well be publicly sticking a needle in yourself! The exact same person probably wouldn’t have the same reaction to the consumption of a ‘sports based’ energy drink, which are extremely widespread and available from just about every shop/supermarket, despite these drinks very often containing high levels of sugar, and many other stimulant based ingredients. Lucozade for example is actually marketed endorsed and supported by athletes, yet is purchased and consumed by a often inactive demographic.

Firstly it is essential that you have a balanced diet containing all the necessary nutrients (macros and micros) before introducing any shake or supplement. It is far more beneficial to get your diet on track first for you to notice tangible results and also for you to make vast improvements in your health. There isn’t a supplement invented that will transform you or help you if the rest of your diet is poor.

Remember that by definition a supplement is ‘Something that completes or enhances something else when added to it’. The use of any supplement is also dependent on your individual goals. I suggest before committing to purchasing any supplements you discuss your goals and current lifestyle with a fitness professional (such as myself!) and do your own research.

I do acknowledge that supplements can play a role within an individual’s routine and can definitely help in terms of reaching goals, and I do personally take a variety of supplements myself. However, the main points to consider with your existing diet & lifestyle before purchasing/committing to any supplements are:

-Are you eating clean/whole food choices, and avoiding processed and refined foods?

-Are you eating sufficient amounts of protein/carbohydrates/good fats to support the level of training you are performing at?

-Are you eating at regular intervals?

-Are you always aware of what your next meal will be?

-Do you plan and prepare your meals?

-Do you drink sufficient water for your bodyweight on a daily basis? (https://tristanbuttle.wordpress.com/2014/01/20/are-you-drinking-enough-water/ – have a read to find out how much).

-Do you feel you get sufficient sleep and recovery? (See my blog https://tristanbuttle.wordpress.com/2014/01/18/the-importance-of-sleep-my-first-quick-blog/ for more info),

-How much stress do you have within your current lifestyle and how do you combat it?

I suggest that you consider addressing all the above points before introducing supplements into your routine.Doing this will not only improve you health massively but also place you on the right path to achieving your goals.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, if you found it useful please like and share with others.

If you need any help or further advice, please do not hesitate to contact me, on here or on Facebook.