Breaking up after one argument……..


>Chances are that at some point you have had an argument with your other half?

Did you break up immediately after this one single argument?

>Chances are that at some point you have disagreed with a friend?

Did you immediately sack this friend off and remove them from your life?

>Chances are that at some point you have cracked or damaged your phone?

Did you then throw your phone against the wall, smashing it to pieces?!

>Chances are you have burnt the tea at some point?

Did you then torch the entire kitchen?!

>Chances are that at some point you have had a flat tyre?

Did you then get out the car and slash the other 3 tyres?!

I bet you have been guilty of self-sabotaging when it comes to your goals though?

Eg: you’ve had a long day hectic day, you skip the gym, and by the time you sit down to eat you are tempted by your favourite trigger food…………

You indulge…..

Big time……..

And then some….

You eat more, not because you particularly want it, but because you have come this far and the damage is done, so you may as well right?

Diet starts again on Monday? No point starting before is there?

If this happens because it’s just a bad day, that’s fine as nothing, if done in isolation will ruin your progress completely.

However, I invite you to ask yourself if your actions are linked to a lack of self-belief?

Deep down, do you truly believe you can achieve your goals?

If you don’t truly believe in your ability to succeed, you will find and create examples to support your doubts, and you will tell yourself:

>’This won’t work’…

>’I can’t do this’…

>’I’m too busy right now’…

>’I’m just not ready yet’…

>’I’m not good enough’…….

>’I’m useless/I’m lazy’…………..


You are the sum of what you do the most of……………

>One bad day doesn’t have to become a bad week………

>One bad week doesn’t have to become a bad month….

>One bad month doesn’t have to become a bad 3 months……….




Remember this:

Rituals and routines get results………..

Stop giving up on yourself and start believing in yourself,

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘you CAN do this’ Buttle

P.S – sorry I haven’t been in touch recently busy, but happy times.









If you play by the same hand……..


If you play by the same hand, how will you find something new?

Now I’m the first to admit, change can be very off putting.

I often cite 2014 as a year when my life was nothing but change, & it was very tough at times.

During that time I lost focus, lost direction, questioned myself, even partly lost sight of who I am along the way…

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Have you ever felt like this?

………when you KNOW that you can’t keep doing the same thing and you HAVE to change?

BUT the change is scary isn’t it?

It can be hard to embrace the new… I get it.

I can throw a million clichés at you; I can tell you that it gets easier with time or that you will adjust, etc. etc.…..

We’ve all seen the countless motivational quotes plastered all over Facebook & Instagram…..

> They are all well & good, but do they actually have an impact?

> Do they actually help you?

What I invite you to do is focus on what is wrong right now….now focus on the pain of remaining the same…..

> If you DON’T change, what will happen?

> Where will your current pathways lead you?

Rather than just ‘thinking positively’, consider the consequences of NOT changing….

Only when the pain of remaining the same far outweighs the pain of change can we can start to move forward and embrace the change……..

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘SOOOOOOOOOOOO much happier now’ Buttle.

P.S –Trust me when I say you CAN make change, & you CAN move forward……..and that I will help you as much I can…your current situation doesn’t have to be your story.

P.P.S – Sorry I haven’t been in touch as much recently, you’ll be hearing from me again soon.

How do you feel and what do you truly desire?


Exercise and training is very often associated with aesthetic based goals and typical motivation to train may involve one or more of the following statements:

I want to ‘tone’ up
I want to lose weight
I want to fit into my little black dress
I want to my belt to fit my trousers.

The internet and media are full of transformation photos detailing before and after shots showing how much the body in question has physically changed. The end result very often being a tanned, flexed tight physique. This level of physical change is what drives certain people to keep pushing their body harder and harder, and they wish to challenge themselves physically. I believe if done properly and safely, before and after photos can be a fantastic motivation.

However, I want to highlight areas that I feel often get neglected when we look at why a person should train and what can truly be achieved. I also want you to dig a bit deeper into your own motivation.

What these photos DO NOT show is what that person is FEELING & EXPERIENCING: confidence levels, energy, self belief, concentration levels, anxiety levels, how that person simply enters a room are all huge life changing factors and benefits that cannot be measured by looking at a photo.

For the sake of this blog I simply want to get you to think about your goals and remove the aesthetic aspects. Doing this will very often leave you with your true reason for training. It may also present your own individual underlying deeper motivation.

For example:

Take the typical statement of ‘I want to fit into my little black dress’.

Now lets say you achieve this, how would this make you FEEL?

If you achieved your physical goals, how would you FEEL whilst amongst your friends/family? How would you FEEL at work when dealing with challenging days? How would you FEEL when you wake up every morning? How would you FEEL in your current relationship?

Think of all of the above areas of your life, and how you would ideally like to perform in each area. I am not against anyone doing before and after photos (I am currently doing my own); all I am saying is there is much more to you than a photo, and some things cannot be measured externally.

Thanks for reading,


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