‘Imagine there is a gun aimed at your mothers head………….’


…………..that’s what he said to me….

In this case ‘he’ was Dorian Yates…

>Legend of the bodybuilding/fitness world.

>6 x Mr Olympia.

>Only British guy to ever have won the Olympia.

>A guy who’s training style has influenced my own massively…..

My team & I went to the Body Power Expo on Friday………..& it was incredible!!!

Body Power is one of the biggest indoor fitness exhibitions in the world & the event was buzzing with very single aspect of the industry…

The whole day was extremely motivation, educational & inspiring…

Anyway, I had the opportunity to meet & greet Dorian, so I picked his brains on his training ideology & mentality…

For those of you who don’t know, Dorian is famed for his ‘less is more’ approach….short & intense workouts, no more than 4 times per week……….

He compared these ‘new’ & latest industry ‘trends’ to passing fashions, & how ‘everybody is looking for something new, but the answer is still the same, there is no secret, it’s all about intensity & consistency’…

Wise words….after all, it seemed to have worked for him….

He also claimed that he felt there where lots of other guys/fellow competitors who had far greater genetic potential than him, but he just worked harder & was more consistent in his approach……..

When I asked about intensity & training to failure….

He replied ‘it’s tough, & requires lots of focus, but often we are all stronger than we believe’…….

He then added the bombshell: ‘Imagine you feel you have done all the reps you can do on a exercise…….but then also imagine there is a gun aimed at your mothers head, & you HAVE to do one rep………what are you going to do’?

Whilst this may sound extreme to some, but there’s a lot we can ALL take from Dorian that applies to all aspects of life:

>Whatever your goal is, you must be consistent, and this applies to your work, relationships, everything….

>Sometimes, less can be more….4 times a week isn’t crazy right for Mr Olympia right? Apply this to yourself, set aside a realistic amount to time each week purely dedicated to your goals that YOU can stick to.

>Whatever your goal/passion is apply intensity & focus…Time is precious am I right? Make the most of your time…

>Sometimes we ALL need a little push or a little extra motivation…it doesn’t have to be a gun at your mothers head, but chances are you are stronger than you give yourself credit for, both in & out of the gym…………

That’s all for today, I actually cannot wait to train later!

Until the next time, stay strong, stay positive…

Tristan ‘all fired up’ Buttle.

p.s – If you wish to tweak your own training, or feel you have hit a plateau give me a shout…….

p.p.s – I’ll leave the gun at home………


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