What’s the best way to lose weight?


What is the best way to lose weight?

> What is the best ‘diet’ for me?

> How can I lose this (whilst pointing to their stomach area)?

> What is the best supplement to take?

These are all very common questions I get asked regularly….

I get why people may ask these questions and it makes perfect sense, however are these actually the right questions they should be asking?

Theoretically, losing weight is easy… a calorie deficit must be created and you need to train with intensity and consistency whilst getting enough quality sleep.

Unfortunately, all too often individuals attempt extreme measures to get results

However, if the plan isn’t sustainable long-term (key words) and the weight loss cannot be regulated or maintained, the individual often finds themselves right back where they started.

Why is this?

By only focusing on the simple questions such as ‘how do I lose weight?’ you are not addressing the real underlying issues.

You should be asking yourself the following:

‘How have I got to the point where I feel I need to lose weight’?

‘What has led me down this path’?

‘What has changed in my life that has contributed to me being in my current situation regarding my health & fitness’?

‘What lifestyle choices can I make to stop this happening again’?

‘How can I reduce stress in my life’?

‘What can I delegate to others to help me’?

By doing this you can start to analyse yourself and start to create small realistic changes that you CAN stick to.

I have some questions for you that will help:

> Are you boozing too much?

> Are you getting enough sleep?

> Are you eating too much?

> Are you not eating enough?

> Do you have ANY idea how many calories you are eating on daily basis?

> Are you surrounded by negative or positive influences?

> Are you consistent in your actions?

> Are you training with the correct intensity?

> When did you last change your program/routine?

By asking yourself the right questions you can start to resolve the areas that are specific to you as an individual.

You need to create change that is sustainable and realistic on a long term basis and you can only doing this by creating new habits.

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘questions are the answers you might need’ Buttle.

P.S – one last piece of advice – the best program for YOU is the one that YOU will stick to……I’ve never known ANYONE get results in or out of the gym without consistency.


The majority are wrong…………


I’ve worked in the fitness industry a long time, I’ve clocked over 17 years of experience & over the last few years I’ve seen a HUGE shift in the state of things…..

The internet, Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram are all FULL of gyms & personal trainers all promising you the answers to your goals.

The fitness industry is truly MASSIVE now, with more gyms, more trainers, more internet gurus, more nutritionists, more ‘diet’ plans, more of everything…however despite all of this, the industry is FAILING…….


People in this country are sicker then ever before, obesity rates are higher than ever, and the total amount of the UK population who are members of gyms clocks in at only 13%……

My advice to you is to NOT do what the majority are doing, because the majority are WRONG…

From my experience, here is my advice on what I think you should avoid:

>Any program that gets you ‘shredded or blitzed’ in a definite amount of time, but leaves you going STRAIGHT back to your old ways & habits….often feeling even worse about yourself.

>Ladies –please avoid ANY program/routine that uses the word ‘skinny’ in a complimentary manner.

>Any program/routine where you are NOT encouraged/motivated to change ANY part of your eating patterns/habits, unless of course your habits are already perfect?

>Any program that SOLELY focuses on total body weight ONLY. This is a factor but is not the ONLY factor when getting in shape, composition is the key.

>A system that replaces food with liquid (shakes)…. Post workout shakes are an exception for some people in a supplementary manner, but replacing actual meals with shakes does NOTHING to change your relationship with food.

>Unless you are actually stepping on a competitive bodybuilding stage, the need to eat like you are isn’t necessary, so any program that encourages you to live SOLELY off chicken & broccoli multiple times EVERY DAY should BE avoided……

>ANYTHING that claims the answer is in a PILL!!

>Any trainer that CONTINUALLY boasts about their clients being sick through training!

I could honestly rant all day about this; it’s very close to my heart.

I’m passionate about this because I’ve seen good people with great intentions make bad decisions & choices due to false hope. This leaves them feeling even more fed up, angry, and depressed……….

…………Please don’t be one of these people.

……….take the time to research what is right for YOU…

YOU are individual and your routine/program should reflect YOUR needs…

You need a realistic program that YOU can stick to…

It’s confusing; I get it, that’s why I’m here to help……

You are not supposed to know the answers; you just need to ask the right questions to the right people……

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘turned into a bit of a rant’ Buttle.

P.S – nothing today, I’ve ranted enough!