Birthday Cake ISNT bad for you……..



It’s true…..

However its only true IF its your birthday.

Think about it……would anyone judge you or form an opinion on you for having cake on your birthday?

It’s almost like a given isn’t it? Birthday & cake, hand in hand, totally normal.

It’s not deemed a ‘bad’ thing.

It’s also totally normal & acceptable to join in & eat cake when you are celebrating a friend/loved ones bday.

I turned 38 last Friday ( I know, I don’t look it……)

Did I have a treat? Yes
Did I eat cake? Yes.

>However, what about having cake when it isn’t your birthday?

……you are not celebrating?

It’s just a ‘normal’ day?

Perhaps it’s just a little occasional treat that you just fancied?

Is this acceptable? Probably, yes. Is it ‘bad’ for you? Not necessarily…..

>However, what about eating birthday cake every other day?

Is this ‘bad’ for you?

The thing here is that, the cake hasn’t changed, what has changed is your choice.

It’s not about the cake being ‘bad’ for you, it’s about making good or bad choices, choices which in turn help determine your outcome.

Eating cake on a birthday isn’t bad…eating cake every day becomes a bad choice..

Try not to label foods as ‘ good’ or ‘bad’, doing so can often lead to negative relationships with certain foods, but instead consider that there are only good or bad choices..

As with all aspects of life, its your choices that will effect the end result/goal.

Thats all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ’38’ Buttle.

PS – The only food I WOULD label as ‘bad’ is Turkish delight! That is the devils work! Seriously, who eats that stuff?!


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