I wanted to put my fist through the screen………


I’ve been wrestling with technology this past week……

Computers are great aren’t they?

………when they work!

I managed to mess up my email lists on mailchimp.

After shouting at the screen, talking to myself, and at one point threatening to smash the monitor, I appear to have now resolved the issues………..

Turns out that the devil is in the detail and I was having bounce & omnivore issues (whatever that means)…which I’ve kind of been ignoring for a while….

I also hit my limit on total subscribers I can enter without upgrading to the premium version….

There’s some clear lessons here that you can apply to your health & fitness goals.

Don’t ignore the obvious signs that things maybe aren’t right. I had notifications, but I CHOSE to ignore them and just kept on hammering away; convincing myself it will be OK.

> Don’t do this with your body… if you are getting feedback listen to it…if you are experiencing regular pain (not just soreness), get it looked at by a professional.

> Don’t do this in life…..try not to ignore what needs addressing.

> The devil IS in the details…are you tracking what needs to be tracked for your goals? Your food diary & training logs are your friends, but only if you log accurately & consistently.

> Very often the ‘free’ or cheap version of things isn’t always your best option…try to think long term…

All too often, if it sounds too good to be true…you know the rest…..

Until the next time,

Tristan ‘mailchimp master’ Buttle.

P.S – if you are suffering with any pain, please do have it looked at, speaking from experience, you need to listen to your body. Life is too short to be living in pain.


Before you to go bed tonight, try this……….


Facebook is a bit of a double edged sword isn’t it?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, its an amazing tool for keeping in touch with old friends & for sharing some valuable information, whilst having a bit of banter…

Plus, some of you maybe reading this via Facebook, so it can serve a purpose to spread some occasional positivity…

However, unfortunately, like most things, it’s often down to people and how they use it, am I right?

This is where things can get potentially negative, argumentative, bitchy, jealous & competitive.

I try to remain in the essence of Facebook and seek the positive, most of the time……

Anyway, my point today is that I came across a mindful exercise which I’m going to try out tonight before I go to sleep, proving that Facebook can offer some positivity:

All you have to do is simply write down 5 ‘wins’ you had today.

No matter how small, just 5 things that made you feel good.

That’s it.

Easy, right?

I’m doing this (and inviting you to also do so) to re-frame my day….

It’s so easy to get bogged down in all the negativity and worry of life…and we forget about the positives, we forget what we do have, we forget what we have got…..

We all do this, myself included.

So I invite you to take 5 minutes of your day, later on tonight, before bed, to re-evaluate your day…

What you thought was maybe a crappy day, may turn out different…if you can re-evaluate today and re-frame what it meant to you, maybe tomorrow will be that little bit easier?

Try it, let me know how you get on….

Until the next time,

Tristan ‘5 things’ Buttle

P.S: if you did this every day, that would be 150 wins/positives in a month

P.P.S – that’s also the equivalent of 1850 wins/positives a year.

Men do not read instructions…………


When it comes to going the gym and training you may decide to simply ‘go it alone’ or ‘just do your own thing’……….

Whilst this isn’t necessarily wrong, in my opinion it is often far from an optimal choice.

Your choices and decisions lead directly to the results you have right now.
Therefore, I have one simple question:

>Are you seeing results?

If not, then seeking help from someone who has BEEN THERE, DONE IT and worn the T-shirt, makes sense….am I right?

However, as always, the first step is asking for help…..

In my experience of doing what I do for over 15 years, this is something that (generally speaking) men struggle a little in doing, whereas females tend to speak up and opt for a more structured approach.

I always summarise it like this:

Men do not read instructions, women do!

We go in all guns blazing, we feel we don’t have time to read instructions, we just want to take action, and we often feel we know best.

Somehow, reading the instructions is like admitting defeat!

Whereas, in my experience, females tend to have a rationale of ‘if I’m going to do something, I want to know I’m doing it right’.

Men also tend to have a tougher time admitting self-doubt and insecurities, leading them to opt to simply ‘doing their own thing’……

If you are truly happy doing your own thing, you are progressing, and most importantly you are getting the results you truly desire, then please crack on!

However, if this isn’t the case and if you feel it’s time to change, please don’t hesitate to give me a shout, I’m not that scary, honest…………

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘where did I put the instructions?’ Buttle.

p.s – when did you last change your routine?

Are you your own worst enemy?


Have you ever dropped your phone and cracked or damaged the screen?

You know those moments when it seems to happen in slow motion, your phone lands face down and you are almost scared to turn it over to see the damage?

Let’s say the screen was cracked, would you then throw it back on the floor?

>If you got a flat tyre whilst out driving, would you get out and slash the other 3 tyres?

>If you broke your arm, would you break the other?

>If your child/friend/family member was struggling with an aspect of their study at school would you advise they drop out completely?

I’m hoping the answer to all of the above is resounding no?!

But I’m willing to wager you have done the equivalent to yourself regarding your health & fitness goals?

I’ll give you an example:

You miss a meal, you have a long stressful day at work, someone has got the chocolates or another treat out, and you indulge, big time.

In turn, you feel guilty, you doubt your ability to achieve your goals, and you continue to binge for the rest of the day, you may even skip the gym.

You start to hear that inner voice of yours and its asking ‘what’s the point’? Your inner critic starts to tell you that you are ‘useless’….

You start to cast doubt on yourself and your abilities, you question yourself, and your inner self says to you ‘you’ve done it now, so you may as well carry on eating’.

What could have just been a little treat led to a full day binge and most importantly left you feeling guilty and full of self-doubt.

We ALL do this, we ALL self-sabotage, and we all sedate ourselves at times. Whether its comfort eating, turning to the booze, or simply letting our doubts and fears ruin our own potential, we are ALL guilty of this at some point.

Perhaps you have tried in the past and failed to achieve your goals and this has left you with the familiarity of failure?

Or maybe you feel that you don’t deserve what you truly desire? Maybe you have just simply got into bad habits that you associate with certain triggers?

Self-sabotaging behaviour will do nothing but derail your progress, all it will do it create more issues and stand in the way of where you TRULY want to be.

Challenges along the way are inevitable, but I encourage you to please try to not get in the way of yourself when it comes to achieving your goals.

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘smashed my phone many times’ Buttle.

p.s – nothing today, but thanks for checking.

A little bit about what it means to have strength………


One thing I can guarantee you is that, at some point in your life, your strength will be tested.

An example of this can be the toxic & negative relationships we sometimes find ourselves in (work, personal, family, you can apply this however you desire).

When these relationships come to an end or blow up, we can be left feeling lost, confused, hurt, misunderstood, exposed and perhaps even lonely.

We still feel these emotions despite knowing that in our heart the relationship itself was ultimately wrong, negative & perhaps destructive.

Worst case we bounce back into these relationships, with the same old habits, doing the same old thing…because it is ‘easy’, it is ‘familiar’ and it may even give a warped sense of security.

We do this because it’s easy to reverse back to what we know, rather than to drive towards what we don’t know.

This is often simply because we haven’t taken the time to work on ourselves and to develop ourselves.

The world of the unknown, the unsure, and the unfamiliar can be a very scary place.

If you can develop yourself to get past the point where you grow as a person without falling back into these negative relationships & situations, you start to become truly stronger.

This takes self-analysis, this takes reflection, and most importantly it takes time.

Whenever I talk about strength, I am never just talking about how much weight is lifted… This means absolutely nothing in the absence of a strong mind.

Going straight back to anything in your life that has a proven track record of negativity & pain, without taking the time to work on yourself, is like quitting the gym after a week because you didn’t get results.

It takes time, but it works if you work.

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘had my fair share’ Buttle.

ps – If you feel you know anyone that would benefit from reading my ramblings, please feel free to forward this on, I’m here to help.