I am not a superhero…………………..


Following on from yesterday’s blog, about the awesome kid’s party I went to over the weekend………….

The one in which I mentioned that one kid actually asked me if I was the Hulk!

This got me thinking, whilst the kid in question was obviously full of childlike wonder & awe….. It isn’t that far from the typical adult perception of a personal trainer!

What I mean is that all fitness professionals are all super fit, super lean, super muscular warriors who are in top shape all year round, right?

We are always motivated, always disciplined, always positive………

Every aspect of our lives is always in order & sorted…



>YES as trainers we are motivated to workout (or should be)…….

>YES it’s a lifestyle……

>YES we love what we do………(btw if your trainer doesn’t then maybe you should start asking some questions)…..

However, this doesn’t mean that we don’t face the very same struggles you face with your fitness & health goals in other aspects of our life…..

We are human, like you……..Actually I’ve met some Trainers,  who when I think about it, I’m pretty sure are either robots, cyborgs from the future, or maybe just socially retarded…. or both. Anyway…I’m digressing………..

Here is the TRUTH:

>We have insecurities, like you.

>We have fears, like you.

>We get upset, like you.

>We question ourselves, from time to time, like you.

>We need help with aspects of our lives, like you.

For example: just because I can apply my passion to helping others look & feel awesome, doesn’t mean I cannot learn from others to help other areas of my life.

We are ALL human…..We ALL need help with something at some point….. the key is to admit it & let the right person help you….

We are absolutely NOT superheroes (although if I was I’d be Batman every time…………..)

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘one of middle names is actually Robin’ Buttle.

P.S – who is your favourite?


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