It was a crazy party………………


I went to an awesome party over the weekend………..

It was crazy…

Batman was there….

Iron Man was there…

Superman was there, I think I even spotted Wonder Woman.

It was one of my best mates sons 3rd Birthday party, & I loved it!!

They had hired a soft play area at Haltemprice, and when I arrived the party was in full swing!

Pretty much the entire group were all getting involved in the inflatable action & party games….the kids (and parents) were all loving it!

This got me thinking about group dynamics…

If one or two kids  had started saying that they ‘didn’t want to play’ or they were scared/nervous about getting involved,or the parents behaved in a reserved manner, then this may have influenced the rest of the group to believe and act the same…

However, because EVERYONE got involved, it was totally normal to just go with it, and normal to be part of it. As a result the group all helped each other, drove each other, and indirectly motivated each other.

Think about how this relates to you and your goals…..Are you around people that are helping you?

Are they encouraging you or holding you back?

Are they willing to get involved with you when you need them?

Are they encouraging, undertstanding & supportive of your goals?

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ’37 year old child’ Buttle.

P.S – there’s A LOT to be said for the true TEAM focus of group exercise…you should try it sometime…

P.P.S –One kid actually asked me if I was the Hulk………..True story.

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