I was extremely nervous…………………………


The closer I got, the worse it was.

My nerves had got the best of me.

I was doubting myself…..big time.

I went to Alton towers on Friday, I haven’t been for a few years and I had the opportunity to do so, so I went for it!

It was a great day out, the weather was awesome & we didn’t have to queue for anything!

Anyway, there we were, waiting to board ‘Rita: the queen of speed’…..
And I don’t mind admitting to you, I was nervous!

This thing was FAST! I’m talking SUPERFAST! It’s basically a roller-coaster that accelerates from a dead stop position at a simply crazy rate!

Save to say that Rita left my stomach behind!!!

Whilst I was convincing myself to get on board, one factor that helped me was I noted that there were kids getting on board who were a fraction of my age… I thought to myself:

‘If these kids can do it, so can I’.

However, this comparison is flawed…………….

See the thing is, kids have no fear, no reference point, no experience to draw on, and no true sense of consequence….

It’s only often as adults that through life we can develop fear, anxiety, stress, worry, and in turn this can create self-doubt.

Life can become more stressful as adults, we tend to experience more pain & we see that our world isn’t perfect.

As we grow older, we can become more cynical & more judgemental.

In turn, we develop fear, we can become anxious, we become worried, we panic, we doubt ourselves, we let anger consume us at times……..but these kids were simply living for that moment, they were free from fear.

You can apply this to anything, I guarantee that what is holding you back from your goals is based around fear….

I’ve asked you this before, but what would you do and where would you be if fear didn’t hold you back?

Tackling any goals (in or out of the gym) can be scary & intimidating, but as ever, if I can help you in anyway, give me a shout…

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘scream if you want to go faster’ Buttle.

P.S – I have no shame in admitting I also took a ride in Willy Wonka’s glass elevator!


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