I LOVE Pizza……………….


………….like, I actually LOVE it.

So when I have it, I like to go all in, no point in trying to make it ‘healthy’, I just want to enjoy it, so I go LARGE in every possible way.

When I do indulge, it’s often done as a treat with friends/family so it can be social too….

I also love ice cream. I may have told you this before, but I actually managed to eat nearly 1300 kcals of ice cream in one sitting once….( I wouldn’t advise anyone tries this btw), I actually didn’t stop until I was in a Ben & Jerry coma!

Here’s another for you: I am NOT T Total…I do still have the occasional night out with my friends……

…….and YES, during these times I do drink alcohol, and YES we go too far occasionally & forget that we are all edging towards 40………….

Have another: some weeks I Iack the motivation to train my legs and it takes all my willpower to get through it.

As I’m on a role of honesty, I may as well also tell you that sometimes I doubt myself so much that it holds me back from achieving certain things….

> Why I am sharing all of this with you?

> Why am I sharing that I occasionally do all of the above even though I KNOW they are NOT the healthiest of choices?

Well for a start, I believe there is a huge misconception by the general public that all trainers are superhumans who live on nothing but chicken & broccoli & that they never have a  treat or that every single day of their lives they are nothing but positive & super motivated…………

………no surprises that the majority of the nation are inactive & that they cannot relate to most trainers/gym users.

I am sharing this with you today to let you know I am NOT perfect & because I don’t want to be anything but honest with you.

You may currently be struggling with your own motivation, your diet, or your training?

Just because I can ‘switch it on’ when it comes to training, does NOT mean I don’t face my own struggles & fears, just like every single other trainer out there.

We are All human: we are all capable of doubt, we are all capable of worry, we are all capable of stress, we are all capable of fear, please do not believe that you are ever alone in these feelings.

That’s all for tonight, until the next time,

Tristan ‘stuffed crust’ Buttle.

P.S –The key to pizza, ice cream & the nights out is simple moderation and intelligent choices on the days in question. There are ways to include these treats without completing ruining your progress…………………


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