Were you worried?


About me?

We haven’t spoke in a while have we?

Did you miss me?

Be honest?

Ha, whilst I appreciate your concern, its ok, I’m ok & there’s nothing to worry about!

I’ve just had a few days off, from everything (apart from training) but I’ve been off from work, away from my pc, off from teaching my classes & from training others….

I’ve been having a few steady days….

I’ve spent some time with friends, I’ve done some house renovations/had a lovely new window fitted, & seen/annoyed my parents………

& at times I have done…………nothing.

Yep, I consciously planned in some time just chilling out, watching a movie/some boxed sets…doing nothing much….

I believe this is very important & often very overlooked..

With age often comes more responsibility & commitment , which in turn can (if we let it) present more stress & potential worry………

Sometimes, you need a break & you need to relax….

When I chill out, I CHILL out, I love to watch a film & get engrossed…its kind of like sedation, I become sedated in the characters on screen & it provides me escapism…

Doing so at the cinema even more so, as you cant get as distracted by other influences & you cant press pause and get up (imagine how annoying that would be to others in the cinema?……pausing it while you have a break, ha ha)….

This, I feel,  is healthy sedation, sedating yourself with work, with booze, or with food is only masking the stress and probably just making it worse, trust me, I’ve been there..

I’ll leave you with a quick & simple question today: when was the last time you planned & achieved doing NOTHING?

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘I’m back’ Buttle.

P.S – It doesn’t have to be the movies, I invite you to find what it takes for you to sedate, escape & truly clear your mind…………….

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