The last time I felt like that was after 15 pints………


That what he said to me after Body Pump.

I’ve been teaching Body Pump for over 6 years now……

I still love it…it’s still a great class and it’s still always a challenge.

I don’t know if you have tried Body Pump (or class of death as a close friend of mine calls it)?

Basically, by the end of the class you will have completed over 1000 reps… Yes that’s right one thousand reps!

Anyway, a friend of mine recently joined the gym & decided to try out my Body Pump class for the first time………He is a naturally gifted sportsman and can turn his hand to most activities, he just hasn’t had a history of resistance training….

Safe to say he felt it!

He took it all in great spirits, didn’t give up and stayed with it right to the final rep, overall a great effort.

By the end he was feeling a little wobbly, hence the 15 pint comparison.

This is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about, it makes total sense.

It’s like me going marathon training tomorrow… would kill me, I’m not conditioned to it, I have no reference point, it’s totally new ground…

Another comparison I often use when an individual is concerned about taking their first step is the job analogy….

>What do you do for a living?

Do you think I could step into your place of work tomorrow and do your job?

Would I struggle? Would it be taking me way out of my comfort zone?

Would I need help? Would I need assistance & guidance? Would I need training?

The fear and concern over tackling anything new for the first time is totally normal, I get it, but please don’t let this stop you from progressing or trying something new.

Consider this with your current situation, whether it’s in or out of the gym:

>When was the last time you did something for the first time?

>What would you love to try, but haven’t because of fear?

That’s all for today, until the next time

Tristan ‘I would find 15 pints far more painful’ Buttle.

P.S – don’t let this put you off trying Body Pump! As ever, there are always options available to make things a little easier for yourself.

I’m not saying I’m getting old, but…………………………


>I remember a time pre mobile phone….

>I remember a time pre internet & when we did it get at my parents it was sloooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww….

>I remember when ‘Myspace’ was the business, at least it was until Facebook took over the world…

>I remember when the iPod first came out! What about when the VIDEO iPod came out?! That was a Christmas to remember!

Yep, I remember a time before the World Wide Web became what it is…

Before people didn’t have to check their emails every 10 minutes…

Or Facebook….

Or Twitter

Or Instagram

Or Snapchat

Or Periscope is it? I haven’t even got on this one yet…..

The list goes on………….

It’s CRAZY when you actually stop to consider how much CHANGE has gone on in the world of technology and in such a relatively short timeframe….

However , as humans we haven’t adapted as much have we?

Although there is FAR MORE info available to us at the click of a mouse or a scroll of a phone, we struggle to take it all in….

It’s often down to either information overload or there only being so many hours in the day, am I right?

Whilst going to work……

Looking after the kids……

Seeing your friends & family…

The list goes on…………..

Whilst the info is out there & you have access to it, you probably don’t feel you have the time to learn it all, even though you want to…and even if you did, who would you trust?

How do you know what’s right for YOU?

This is where I come in.

Results come from knowledge, I have no problem sharing my knowledge with you & teaching you what you need. Then you can do it for yourself….I want to get you to the point where you don’t need a trainer! < read that again……

You will learn the what, the why, and the how…

Together we can take out the inconvenience & fast track your knowledge to get you where you want to be.

That’s all for today, until the next time.

Tristan ‘do you remember LimeWire?’ Buttle.

P.S – 37 in case you are wondering…….




Do you actually want to lose weight?


Good morning…………you well?

The other day I had a good chat with a lady who came to me as she wants to lose weight…….

Upon discussing her goals, I asked the following question & if you happen to have the same goal I’d like to ask you the same question………….

Are you bothered about how much you weigh or are you bothered about how you look & how you feel?

Some trainers will go as far as saying weight is irrelevant ….I actually disagree with this in certain cases….

> If an individual is ‘bedbound’ obese & their total body weight is impacting on their life to point where the individual cannot function & cannot work, then weight is becomes very relevant… this is a matter of health…

>If an individual is severely underweight & it is again causing health issues & concerns then weight also becomes very relevant….

However, most of the people I deal with do not fall into the above cases, they are in the middle somewhere, and in the middle everyone is a different shape & size.

I do not have a problem with anyone getting weighed and with a lot of people I help we do weigh in, we just don’t do every session & it’s never done excessively. Whilst it can be a measure of change, it’s not the ONLY measure….

Your results (which very often come down to looking & feeling better about yourself) cannot be quantified by what the scales say……
What the scales DO NOT show is what that person is FEELING & EXPERIENCING:

Confidence levels, energy, self-belief, concentration levels, anxiety levels, how that person simply enters a room are all huge life changing factors and benefits that cannot be measured by jumping on a pair of scales.

If you achieved your physical goals, how would you FEEL whilst amongst your friends/family?

> How would you FEEL at work when dealing with challenging days?

> How would you FEEL when you wake up every morning?

> How would you FEEL in your current relationship?

Consider of all of the above areas of your life, and how you would ideally like to perform in each area…………..

As I said earlier, I am not against anyone getting weighed or from having a weight loss goal, I would simply add that there is far more considerations that simply standing on the scales to obtain a number….

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘more than a number’ Buttle.

P.S – Don’t get me started on the B.M.I scale!

I LOVE Pizza……………….


………….like, I actually LOVE it.

So when I have it, I like to go all in, no point in trying to make it ‘healthy’, I just want to enjoy it, so I go LARGE in every possible way.

When I do indulge, it’s often done as a treat with friends/family so it can be social too….

I also love ice cream. I may have told you this before, but I actually managed to eat nearly 1300 kcals of ice cream in one sitting once….( I wouldn’t advise anyone tries this btw), I actually didn’t stop until I was in a Ben & Jerry coma!

Here’s another for you: I am NOT T Total…I do still have the occasional night out with my friends……

…….and YES, during these times I do drink alcohol, and YES we go too far occasionally & forget that we are all edging towards 40………….

Have another: some weeks I Iack the motivation to train my legs and it takes all my willpower to get through it.

As I’m on a role of honesty, I may as well also tell you that sometimes I doubt myself so much that it holds me back from achieving certain things….

> Why I am sharing all of this with you?

> Why am I sharing that I occasionally do all of the above even though I KNOW they are NOT the healthiest of choices?

Well for a start, I believe there is a huge misconception by the general public that all trainers are superhumans who live on nothing but chicken & broccoli & that they never have a  treat or that every single day of their lives they are nothing but positive & super motivated…………

………no surprises that the majority of the nation are inactive & that they cannot relate to most trainers/gym users.

I am sharing this with you today to let you know I am NOT perfect & because I don’t want to be anything but honest with you.

You may currently be struggling with your own motivation, your diet, or your training?

Just because I can ‘switch it on’ when it comes to training, does NOT mean I don’t face my own struggles & fears, just like every single other trainer out there.

We are All human: we are all capable of doubt, we are all capable of worry, we are all capable of stress, we are all capable of fear, please do not believe that you are ever alone in these feelings.

That’s all for tonight, until the next time,

Tristan ‘stuffed crust’ Buttle.

P.S –The key to pizza, ice cream & the nights out is simple moderation and intelligent choices on the days in question. There are ways to include these treats without completing ruining your progress…………………

She’s gone too far……………..


She/he looks ill’….

> ‘She/he looks gaunt’……….

> ‘She/he must be starving themselves’……

> ‘She’s/he’s obsessed’…..

That’s what they say…..

Who are they?

Good question…they are work colleagues, friends & even family members……

Over the years I have helped lots of people lose lots of weight……..

As a result these people feel better, have more sass & swagger, along with increased energy/productivity, & are generally buzzing through life…………..

Amazing, right? Positive, right?

Well the thing is, some people don’t seem to agree….

Let’s just say, I hear lots of stories of people being less than supportive…………&, as a result, resort to the above accusations……….

>Hopefully you know me well enough by now to know I would never advocate anyone ‘starving’ themselves?!!!

Anyway, the real issue here is that when an individual achieves their results, it can make their colleagues & those around them feel uncomfortable….

It reminds them, on often a daily basis, of what they actually desire for themselves….

They want their results, they just cannot tap into whatever it is that is stopping them…

> The meals, which are planned, can make others feel guilty about their own issues…….

> Their commitment to the gym can make others feel lazy…..

> Their weight loss/results/confidence can make others feel more self-conscious…..

Apply this to yourself…..Do you have the right people around you?

Not everyone will understand your goals, or your motivation…….they don’t necessarily have to, they just need to support you on your journey.

We are often what we are allowed to be….

We sometimes become the average of the people we are around the most….

Make those people count… Are they making you better or worse? Weaker or stronger? Happy or sad?

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘ignore the haters’ Buttle.

P.S – You be you………don’t let other deter you from what you desire……….

It’s a waste of time…………………

Have you ever found yourself laid awake at night with worry? 

You can’t sleep, your mind is racing & you get more annoyed at every hour that passes??? 

As it’s another hour awake when you know you should be asleep….

You are literally on count down…..

Awful isn’t it?

I’ve been there…..I still find myself there from time to time….

Maybe you are overthinking something that has happened or more than likely its something that you THINK is going to happen?

Here’s the thing:
You simply cannot control what is going to happen to you…..
…..sometimes the only thing you can control is your attitude towards these events & what happens in your life…..
Worrying & using your energy on things you can’t control is a waste of time…
This applies to every aspect of your life…. Your health, business & relationships…..
Time is so so precious, I’m feeling this more & more as I grow older myself…..value your time & use it positively… Ideally without worry….
Easy said than done I know…
However I want you to try & remember this the next time you are struggling:
Fear/worry is based on what hasn’t even happened yet, it’s always based on what MIGHT happen & you cannot predict the future…..

That’s all for today, until the next time.

Tristan ‘crystal ball’ Buttle.

P.S – I’ll send some practical tips on improving your sleep later in the week.

Were you worried?


About me?

We haven’t spoke in a while have we?

Did you miss me?

Be honest?

Ha, whilst I appreciate your concern, its ok, I’m ok & there’s nothing to worry about!

I’ve just had a few days off, from everything (apart from training) but I’ve been off from work, away from my pc, off from teaching my classes & from training others….

I’ve been having a few steady days….

I’ve spent some time with friends, I’ve done some house renovations/had a lovely new window fitted, & seen/annoyed my parents………

& at times I have done…………nothing.

Yep, I consciously planned in some time just chilling out, watching a movie/some boxed sets…doing nothing much….

I believe this is very important & often very overlooked..

With age often comes more responsibility & commitment , which in turn can (if we let it) present more stress & potential worry………

Sometimes, you need a break & you need to relax….

When I chill out, I CHILL out, I love to watch a film & get engrossed…its kind of like sedation, I become sedated in the characters on screen & it provides me escapism…

Doing so at the cinema even more so, as you cant get as distracted by other influences & you cant press pause and get up (imagine how annoying that would be to others in the cinema?……pausing it while you have a break, ha ha)….

This, I feel,  is healthy sedation, sedating yourself with work, with booze, or with food is only masking the stress and probably just making it worse, trust me, I’ve been there..

I’ll leave you with a quick & simple question today: when was the last time you planned & achieved doing NOTHING?

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘I’m back’ Buttle.

P.S – It doesn’t have to be the movies, I invite you to find what it takes for you to sedate, escape & truly clear your mind…………….