Mel Gibson’s Mullet…………………………….


You must have seen the movie ‘Lethal Weapon’?

Perhaps some of you younger ones may have not? It was out in 87…. I remember it the first time, it’s a true 80’s classic.

Anyway, Danny Glover plays an experienced older police officer, who at the start of the film turns 50….

…. due to politics & case work he is made to partner up with a younger officer who is renowned for his somewhat reckless & often controversial approach, fuelled by a bit of a death wish ever since he lost his wife, played by Mel Gibson….

Mel also happens to sport one of the best mullets ever committed to film…seriously, it’s incredible….

Anyway, Glover’s character initially wants to wind down. He’s a strong family man, surrounded by love, & he wishes to generally take on less, as he regularly says throughout the movie ‘I’m getting too old for this’…

However, as the plot thickens, his daughter gets kidnapped (why does that always happen?) he is forced to embrace Gibson’s hot-headed (but effective) approach to get the job done, get the bad guys, save his daughter, & save the day….

As they both bond, we see Gibson’s character become inspired by Glovers family & home life (something he lacks due to his broken past) & he becomes more integrated into society. We also see Glover’s character becoming more energised, more active, & driven by Gibson’s approach…

Throughout the movie Gibson also regularly says to Glover ‘you are going to have to trust me’ ….Glover isn’t convinced about his methods but he knows he needs to do something different to get his daughter back….

So what?

Well, this also applies to all things health & fitness…..

Firstly energy is contagious, training with someone, whether it’s your instructor, whether it’s in a group, whether it’s a Zumba class, or just a friend of yours…. You can vibe off each other, learn from each other… You don’t have to do it all alone every time… Get inspired….You can learn something new from anyone & everyone.

Secondly, when you start out, often everyone (and their dog) will give you THEIR opinion on what you should or shouldn’t be doing… This is often based on what they have heard, what they have read, what they think they have been told etc etc….

If you have been given a routine to follow, then try to trust in that process. Perhaps it’s different to what others are doing, but here’s the thing often, the majority can be wrong…

Your routine shouldn’t be set in stone, but try to trust in what you have been given..

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘might grow a mullet’ Buttle

P.S The first Lethal Weapon is easily the best….. although Patsy Kensit is in the sequel…….


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