Chippy tea on a Friday…………………..


When I say to people ‘have a good weekend’…..I mean it…

I mean it openly & honestly, life is about balance you deserve to enjoy yourself………

However this doesn’t mean that as the weekend appears, your goals disappear, & balance is different things to different people….

>Maybe you are working over the weekend? That’s cool, as long as you are working towards your goals & your work makes you happy, then crack on I say…just allow yourself some downtime throughout the week…

>Maybe you are going out on the sauce? That’s cool too, no judgement here, if you can do this guilt free, without beating yourself up, and you are being true to your goals/timeframes….then press on….just try not to lie to yourself about where you are at….

>Maybe you are having a little treat this weekend? Maybe a chippy tea on Friday? If so, are you factoring this into your training/lifestyle? Are you truly content doing so? It is a choice or a habit?

On the flipside, don’t feel that you HAVE to go out or you HAVE to pig out JUST because it’s the weekend. You or anyone else shouldn’t EVER be pressured into going out or boozing if you don’t truly desire it…I’m sure your true friends will understand?

Personally, I do NOT live in the gym 24/7 & I do NOT live on chicken & broccoli, I am human just like you.

For the most part I eat what would be considered ‘healthy’ or ‘clean’ but this is my personal choice, as its down to function & performance…

…however I do have strategies set up to allow & factor in the odd treat, especially at the weekend, as this is typically a social time…not every weekend, not just ‘because’ it’s the weekend, but because I choose to..

I encourage you to do the same…if you have a sensible approach to your nutrition & plan your lifestyle, you too can have a cheeky treat when you fancy….but try not to do so on autopilot and don’t lie to yourself or others about your decisions….

Remember, if you eating or drinking something ‘naughty’ daily/every other day it’s not a treat, it’s a habit my friend………

If you are struggling to find this true balance & you maybe do feel guilty when you indulge, and you beat yourself up…then maybe its time to try a new approach?????

Give me a shout,

That’s all for today, remember you need to find what makes YOU happy, take it easy.

Tristan ‘can’t think of anything witty to insert here today’ Buttle.

P.S  – Or here either!


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