Birthday Cake ISNT bad for you…………………….

That’s what I told her earlier……
It’s true…..
I did however follow it with ‘if it’s your birthday’.
Think about it……would anyone judge you or form an opinion on you for having cake on your birthday?
It’s almost like a given isn’t it? Birthday & cake, hand in hand, totally normal.
It’s not deemed a ‘bad’ thing.
It’s also totally normal & acceptable to join in & eat cake when you are celebrating a friend/loved ones bday.
>However, what about having cake when it isn’t your birthday?
……you are not celebrating?
It’s just a ‘normal’ day?
Perhaps it’s just a little occasional treat that you just fancied?
Is this acceptable? Probably, yes. Is it ‘bad’ for you? Not necessarily…..
>However, what about eating birthday cake every other day?
Is this ‘bad’ for you?
The thing here is that, the cake hasn’t changed, what has changed is your choice.
It’s not about the cake being ‘bad’ for you, it’s about making good or bad choices, choices which in turn help determine your outcome.
Eating cake on a birthday isn’t bad…eating cake every day becomes a bad choice..
Try not to label foods as ‘ good’ or ‘bad’, doing so can often lead to negative relationships with certain foods, but instead consider that there are only good or bad choices..

As with all aspects of life, its your choices which will effect the end result/goal.

Thats all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘I want cake now’ Buttle.

PS – The only food I WOULD label as ‘bad’ is Turkish delight! That is the devils work!


The 3 Second Rule/What’s holding you back?


A few years back I read a fascinating book called ‘The Game’….

Not sure if you have read or not?

It’s a true story about a journalist named Neil who dives into the world of pick up artists, self improvement & self discovery….

Along the way into his investigative reports he realises that he is himself in need of ‘the game’ in order for him to battle his own insecurities, & become more confident & content.

We learn that historically Neil had always been very unsuccessful in love & had immense fear when it came to even attempting to talk to a woman, as he always feared the worst….he was always full of nothing but doubt….

One of the ‘rules’ of the game that Neil learns is the ‘3 second rule…..’

……… in basic terms, the whole concept is to approach somebody who you wish to interact with within 3 seconds….

……this can be applied to anyone or anything, could just be saying hello or initiating full conversation.

Think of it as simply pulling the trigger… doing so you are killing fear. The theory here is that the longer you leave it (like anything) the less likely you are to act, due to the fear.

Fear that IS holding you back.

You can apply this theory to all aspects of life, not just chatting to women (or men)!

What would you do if fear didn’t stop you? If fear didn’t paralyse you? Who would you be?

Whatever you apply this to:




The longer you leave it, the more time you have to question yourself & to doubt yourself.

I’m going to leave you with one question today:

What is the one thing that you KNOW you need to take action on, but are you not, and as a result it’s creating fear, doubt & insecurity in your life?

That’s all for today, until the next time

Tristan ‘3 seconds’ Buttle.

PS – I’ll tell you all about ‘peacocking’ sometime, another rule…….

His Dad was in the S.A.S…………………………


I’m sure that was one of his……..

Along with:

>his family all being millionaires…

>swimming in a pool of cash….

>being best friends with famous people…

>pretty much being a superhero…

the list goes on & on…….

‘He’ in this case was a guy I went to college with, & let’s just say he was prone to a bit of exaggeration.

I’m sure you know the type, one of those kind of ‘you name it, he’s done it, he’s been there, he’s bought the T shirt’ type of guys.

Anyway, this got me thinking, in a world of exaggeration, marketing, lies, deception & hype; there is one thing that will NEVER lie to you….

……..your body.

Think about it……

>You get ill, does your body lie & tell you are well?

>You eat something you are allergic to, does your body react or does it ignore it & pretend it didn’t happen?

>You increase your calories & decrease your exercise, does your body pretend you haven’t or do you (typically) put weight on?

>You get tired, burnt out & stressed, does your body react? Do you look physically different as a result?

What is happens is, YOU start to lie to yourself…..

You convince yourself everything is ok…….

>That you aren’t tired.

>That you aren’t stressed.

>That you are still confident.

>That you aren’t bothered about how you feel or look….

I get it, I understand, we ALL do this, myself included.

We soldier on, we ignore the signs, and we ignore the truths that our bodies are telling us.

The reality is that you can do this for so long, but eventually this will catch up with you, the challenge is not to leave it too late….. Some things just can’t be ignored.

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘body doesn’t lie’ Buttle.

P.S – I wondering what he is doing now (the guy from college), probably saving the world or learning to fly, or both……bless him.

I LOVE Shopping………………….


……I’m just putting going to put it out there….

with no shame……..

no embarrassment……….

I love a bit of shopping….Love it……..

However, has this ever happened to you………….?

You have been out shopping, tried something on & thought ‘it’s just not me? You liked it but it didn’t feel right?

>Maybe you couldn’t see yourself wearing it?

>Maybe it wasn’t reflective of your personality?

This very same thought process applies to deciding on what method/mode of training you decide on to achieve your health & fitness goals.

I’ll give you an example:

German Volume Training is a renowned protocol for muscle building & fat loss, with lots of data & research to support it… so as a guy who wants to build muscle, I should be all over it, right?


The reality is that it requires lost of repetitive sets (10 x 10) & for someone like me, this gets very tedious & boring, very quickly!!!! Therefore I won’t stick to it….so whats the point?

For others, this style of training may be bang on!

Consider YOUR own personality when looking at what is right for YOU.

>Do you get bored easy?
>Do you like change?
>Are you competitive?
>Can you be aggressive at times?
>Can you relax?
>Can you switch off easily?
>Can you be a bit scatty?

YOUR training program/routine should reflect YOUR personality……

If you haven’t stuck at something before, ask yourself why?

I don’t believe its because you are lazy, I just think you just haven’t found what is truly right for YOU.

Until the next time,

Tristan ‘naturally scatty’ Buttle.

P.S – if you are unsure about how to decide what is right for you, give me a shout…..

Are you feeling comfortable?


We don’t always like change do we?

Now this is fine….if you want to stay the same?

The thing is, you DON’T have to do the work, and you CAN stay where you are, both mentally & physically…but is this what you truly want?

Do you want to change?

Then I invite you to get a bit uncomfortable….

Yes, there will be times when you don’t want to train…
Yes, there will be times when you want to quit…
Yes, the kids will play up & work will detract from your plans….
Yes, you will have to readdress your eating patterns & your lifestyle….
Yes, you will have to do more than you have done before…

But, guess what? This is where change takes place; this is where you can thrive…

Look, I admit I’m very comfortable in certain areas of my own life & I need to get a little uncomfortable myself; we all need a little push now & again, we all need to step out of the box, & break the mould around us.

I get it, I understand…….

It’s easy to not train.
It’s easy to stick at the same job, because it’s what you know, even though it’s not your dream.
It’s easy to hit that sofa & stay in, especially when it’s cold & wet outside.
It’s easy to stay in the wrong relationship or continue to hang around the wrong people.

Easy isn’t always right……………

Until the next time,

Tristan ‘uncomfortable’ Buttle.

P.S – Start with small realistic steps……..even if its a baby step, its a step forward…

Mel Gibson’s Mullet…………………………….


You must have seen the movie ‘Lethal Weapon’?

Perhaps some of you younger ones may have not? It was out in 87…. I remember it the first time, it’s a true 80’s classic.

Anyway, Danny Glover plays an experienced older police officer, who at the start of the film turns 50….

…. due to politics & case work he is made to partner up with a younger officer who is renowned for his somewhat reckless & often controversial approach, fuelled by a bit of a death wish ever since he lost his wife, played by Mel Gibson….

Mel also happens to sport one of the best mullets ever committed to film…seriously, it’s incredible….

Anyway, Glover’s character initially wants to wind down. He’s a strong family man, surrounded by love, & he wishes to generally take on less, as he regularly says throughout the movie ‘I’m getting too old for this’…

However, as the plot thickens, his daughter gets kidnapped (why does that always happen?) he is forced to embrace Gibson’s hot-headed (but effective) approach to get the job done, get the bad guys, save his daughter, & save the day….

As they both bond, we see Gibson’s character become inspired by Glovers family & home life (something he lacks due to his broken past) & he becomes more integrated into society. We also see Glover’s character becoming more energised, more active, & driven by Gibson’s approach…

Throughout the movie Gibson also regularly says to Glover ‘you are going to have to trust me’ ….Glover isn’t convinced about his methods but he knows he needs to do something different to get his daughter back….

So what?

Well, this also applies to all things health & fitness…..

Firstly energy is contagious, training with someone, whether it’s your instructor, whether it’s in a group, whether it’s a Zumba class, or just a friend of yours…. You can vibe off each other, learn from each other… You don’t have to do it all alone every time… Get inspired….You can learn something new from anyone & everyone.

Secondly, when you start out, often everyone (and their dog) will give you THEIR opinion on what you should or shouldn’t be doing… This is often based on what they have heard, what they have read, what they think they have been told etc etc….

If you have been given a routine to follow, then try to trust in that process. Perhaps it’s different to what others are doing, but here’s the thing often, the majority can be wrong…

Your routine shouldn’t be set in stone, but try to trust in what you have been given..

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘might grow a mullet’ Buttle

P.S The first Lethal Weapon is easily the best….. although Patsy Kensit is in the sequel…….

Forgetting your girlfriend’s birthday……………………


‘Don’t worry about it’…….

……….that’s what I told her.

It was my reply to a question about coconut oil & its health properties….now before we go any further, let me explain myself………

I see many people (too many people in fact) sweating over what I consider to be the small stuff….

>Should I use coconut oil?
>Should I drink green tea?
>Should I drink only bottled water?
>Should I take supplements?
>Should I switch to fresh coffee over instant?
>Should I buy gluten free oats?

The list goes on……………………..

There is a strong argument/health benefit to ALL of the above & ALL have their case & application for certain people, but only if (and it’s a big, huge ‘if’) the rest of an individuals lifestyle supports these choices…

So if you happen to be someone who is stressed out, not getting enough sleep, with a diet that lacks sufficient protein, you have no idea how many calories you consume, & you struggle to plan past your next meal, then I would suggest not sweating the small stuff, like whether to switch to coconut oil or not…..

There’s a lot more you can do that will give you FAR greater results & FAR greater change……

Nails the basics first, get consistent in your approach, then add in simple ‘finer details’ as you progress….

Not mastering the basics first but sweating over coconut oil (or other smaller details) is like ignoring your partner all year round, forgetting their birthday, but then going all out on Valentines Day!!

Trust me when I say you can make change with simple, realistic, sustainable steps.

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘I’ve never actually forgot anyones birthday’ Buttle.

P.S: Honest……………