They are so in love……………………


Have you ever looked at another couple & thought this to yourself, or perhaps said it out loud?

Have you been in the company of someone else who has said this about another couple?

What about….

‘He/She is so happy…….’


‘They have the perfect lifestyle….’


‘He/She is so lucky…….’.


‘He/She looks amazing’…

Comparison of everything/everyone is more evident in 2015 as we live in the age of social media.

If we choose to, we see on a pretty much daily basis:

>Photos (whether it’s a new car, a new job, a new body, holiday snap shots, wedding pics, photos of cute babies or pets)

>Status updates (stating they have the best partner/kids/wife/husband in the world, or how they have ‘killed the gym’ or lost x amount of weight or landed their ideal job)

>‘Check ins’ at fancy places (restaurants, bars, airports, concerts, etc etc).

We all like to share our happiness, our success, our wins, and our experiences…..

However, for some, comparison can lead to misery….

Constantly comparing your life to that of others, especially via social media is a sure fire way to drive yourself down….

The thing is with social media, is that it’s very often the highlight reel of life, the greatest hits, the ‘best of’…I get it, it should be, it should be positive, and all of the above memories should be shared…just take it with a tall glass of perspective….

…….We ALL have struggles, we ALL stress, we ALL have arguments, we ALL face fears, we ALL face doubt & fear, we ALL need help with at least area of our life…

You need to compare yourself to yourself…

How are YOU doing?

Are YOU happy?

What can YOU do to work on YOUR goals?

Celebrate the success of your friends, and those around you, but dont let it make you question yourself in negative way…like I said, we ALL have struggles, we just don’t always see those in between the highlight reel….

That’s all for today, until the next time

Tristan ‘greatest hits’ Buttle.

P.S – Nothing today, thanks for checking.


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