He lost it with me……………………..


>Is running bad for my knees?

>Is Zumba any good for weight loss?

>What should I eat before I train?

>What’s the best exercise for my abs?

>How often should I train?

Do you want to know the absolute best reply I can give that answers ALL of the above typical questions?

‘It depends’….

This is hands down the most appropriate, most common, most accurate answer I typically give to the majority of health & fitness related questions…..

Turns out sometimes it not the answer some people want to hear…………I recently pissed off one guy who got quite annoyed with me, he lost it & got very defensive…..

……..obviously not a good fit for each other, that’s cool, I get it…….different strokes for different folks……….

Here’s the thing, there are a massive array of considerations when looking at an individual’s goals, & there are very few absolutes….

Without assessing an individual and digging a bit (or very often a lot) deeper, it’s hard to give a definite, absolute answer…….

I probably initially frustrate some new prospects/enquiries as I often answer every one of their questions with questions….

This is never done to be evasive, I can’t TRULY help anyone without details…I can give my opinion or a broad stroke approach but I want to offer much more than that………….

So if you want help that is specific to YOU…..be warned, I will ask you lots of questions!

Until the next time,

Tristan ‘q & a’ Buttle.

P.S: apologies for lack of content recently, been super busy looking after the clients that help pay the bills!


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