I hate driving…………………………


You’ve heard me say this before, but I am a terrible driver……

It’s true…

Ask anyone…….

Had a few scrapes here & there…..

I’ve got better over the years, but my main issue with driving now is patience…

Whenever I get stuck in traffic etc, I get agitated, frustrated & I just want to be at my destination!

I am the ‘are we there yet’ person!!

The lesson here is that patience is a skill, a skill that will help YOU with your own goals, both in & out of the gym…

Unfortunately results don’t happen overnight, and you won’t achieve all you truly desire without time.

This is often why people fall for the quick fixes:

>‘Drop a dress size in a weekend’
>‘4 minute abs’
>‘Weight loss in a pill’

We’ve all heard it all before, am I right?

I think people know deep down that these options are not long term solutions, but I understand why they fall into the trap of being sold the ‘miracles’…

Be consistent, do the work, don’t give up, keep moving forward, apply patience & you will get the results you desire….

As ever, if you need any help please do give me a shout.

That’s all for today, just a quick one today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘have a little patience’ Buttle.

P.S – I’ve got the Take That song in my head now!

P.P.S -Have a great weekend!


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