‘She doesn’t need to train…’


‘She doesn’t need to train…’

…..That’s what he said to me earlier……..

I was chatting a young guy (I say young guy; he’s in his mid twenties, so that’s now young to me, ha!) & we got to discussing his goals…

He’s set himself an 8 week target to get in beach body shape, so I got asking the usual but important questions about his lifestyle, so I can help him out.

He lives with his girlfriend, & she does the majority of the cooking. She pretty much opts for whole food choices the majority of the time, all good stuff. ……

I asked if she trained herself (support from those around you is huge when achieving your goals) & his reply was:

‘She doesn’t need to train, she’s naturally really toned, she could eat rubbish and never put weight on’…

I guess she’s just lucky?! She cannot put weight on….

However, this got me thinking, we very often only ever associate the gym/working out with aesthetics…not with health……..

The gym is often considered the place where you got to change how you LOOK and not necessarily to change how you FEEL…

The health benefits of training and exercise are pretty much endless…in a materialistic world where image is often everything; these benefits are simply forgotten…

I get it, its not sexy, that’s why…

Increased lung capacity & a stronger skeletal system isn’t as sexy as ‘toned six pack abs’ or a ‘j lo’ bum….

What I would invite you to consider is what is going on mentally when a person trains, forget how they look, forget what ‘shape’ they are…

……..their confidence, their inner strength, their energy, their feelings of self worth, their self belief are ALL hugely influenced by their actions in the gym…

Whilst I totally 100% understand the young mans statement, I politely disagree, there isn’t a single person on the planet who doesn’t need to train……..

Until the next time,

Tristan ‘sanity over vanity’ Buttle.

P.S – nothing today, but thanks for checking…….


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