Do you remember your 21st??????????????????????


From what I can recall (which admittedly isn’t that much……..), mine was a bit crazy and a touch excessive, let’s just say I wasn’t as health conscious in my younger days!

I was thinking about my 21st as I’m in the process of organising an event at work to celebrate 21 years of business at Cottingham Parks……

Anyway, my reason for asking you is that whilst the evening of my 21st itself is a bit hazy, the actual timeline honestly doesn’t seem like it was 16 years (giving my age away)…

Without sounding too much like my dad (it happens to us all,  I remember being 21 like it was only yesterday….

………everyone used to tell me to enjoy it, as it will pass quickly and I now know how true this really is….

As we all get older time becomes even more valuable & precious, am I right?

With age often comes more responsibility, whether its partners, kids, paying a mortgage & bills, or your job, there is always something that NEEDS to be done…

That’s why the time you do get to spend in the gym should be used effectively…

When I was younger I could spend hours in the gym, and if I needed to have lie in after a late night, I could!  Now that my time is far more precious to me, I do all I can to make that hour (or less) in the gym count.

Ask yourself this: Are you using your time to your true potential?

As ever, if you feel you need some guidance, help, or motivation, all you need to do is ask……

Until the next time,

Tristan ‘peter pan’ Buttle.


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