She looked at me like I was actually insane………


There I was earlier this morning, singing away, fully rocking out in my car, dancing, tapping the steering wheel, whilst sat at the train crossing waiting for the train to pass…

Now in my head I’m a great singer, reality is that I’m truly awful!

If you don’t believe me, ask the woman who was fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to be waiting on her bike next to my car….she looked at me like I was actually insane……

The thing I’ve left out of this little story so far is what I was listening to…..

Ermmmmm, no easy way to say this……..

It was the Pitch Perfect soundtrack……..

You seen it?

The movie that is based on an all girl acapella group? Well, yep, that’s what I was rocking out to!

Not overly masculine I admit, and I probably lowered my testosterone count during my journey……..

Anyway, I was happy and I was enjoying the moment, despite what the lady next to me thought…..

I want you to do the same my friend….find enjoyment in the little things, life is too short, enjoy yourself, have fun, be stupid, sing, dance, do what makes YOU happy……..

Forget what others think, enjoy the moment & don’t let their judgement affect you…

That’s all for today, I’m going to & workout and listen to some heavy rap music (honest…….)

Until the next time,

Tristan ‘aca cuse me’ Buttle.

P.S – I actually bought the CD for a special someone as a gift, but you know when you buy someone something because you secretly want it for yourself??……. I may have done that………….


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