Laziness: a different perspective.


Very often the word ‘lazy’ is misused and misrepresented when it comes to the world of training/going to the gym….

There’s a huge misconception that if individual doesn’t train, or has stopped training it’s because they are simply ‘lazy’.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of the word lazy, I’m imagining someone who does nothing, like I’m talking just sits around doing nothing, laid on the sofa, all day everyday, basically somebody who lives like everyday is a hangover day…..

I don’t happen to know anyone who fits into this category………..

…….…I’m sure there are people like this out there, I’m just saying I don’t know anyone & haven’t dealt with anyone who does literally NOTHING.

In my experience, a huge reason/rational that people give for not going to the gym or not sticking to a routine is a perceived lack of time.

I have trained & have helped some very, very busy people over the years…and, as I’ve said before, age often presents more responsibility, which again eats away at our precious time….

If we consider the following aspects of daily adult life:

>Work/business commitments.
>Cooking tea.
>Household chores.
>Cutting the grass.
>Being a taxi service to the kids.
>Getting the kids ready for school.
>Dealing with moody teenagers.


…….all of these commitments add up to provide a quick snapshot of the average adult’s life….

Anything but lazy, am I right?!

My point is that very often the physique and health of these people can suffer/decline through an inability to put themselves first……

Feelings of guilt, coupled with thoughts of ‘I should be doing something else’ are often reasons why people quit or don’t even get started…..

Putting yourself first is tough, I get it……….

The thing is that it’s often a case of breaking the cycle…

All of the things listed above that stop an individual from training are all exactly the things that an individual can handle better from training!

Referring to yourself as lazy or, worse still, being labelled lazy by others & society only compounds the feelings of self doubt and adds pressure to a potentially already pressured lifestyle…it’s a very negative downward spiral…..

If you feel you can relate to any of what I’m referring to, please believe me when I say you are not lazy & you are not useless or worthless…you are anything but & the fact that you give so much to so many other areas of your life should be proof enough for you……..

What you do need to do is find time and a totally realistic & enjoyable routine, that you CAN stick to, one that allows flexibility , that gives you a ‘plan b’ option and that keeps you inspired..

I would also add that all of this is far easier with the right support from the right people around you. This will help you find your ‘me time’.

Think about what you CAN do, forget what you DID do, or what you USED to do, focus on the now, organise your time, schedule it in like you no doubt do with all other aspects of your life, and stop beating yourself up!

Until the next time,

Tristan ‘lazy bones’ Buttle.


A quick lesson from Kanye West haters……………….


Did you happen to watch any of Glastonbury over the weekend?

Well, in case you didn’t know, Kanye West headlined the event last night……….

The announcement of Kanye’s performance caused controversy from day one:

An online petition with over 134,000 votes against his performance was formed, countless negative reviews where given (before he had even stepped on stage), major claims that festivals future was ‘dead’, and possibly THE most disturbing fact was that Glastonbury organiser Emily Eavis received death threats on Twitter from a disgruntled fan…..yes you read that right…death threats…………..

However none of this was going to  stop good old Kanye and he stepped to the stage just after 10pm last night to do what he does……………..

Social media then proceeded to go INSANE over his performance!

EVERYONE seemed to have an opinion, the majority of which where extremely negative….

>’he’s so arrogant’.

>’he thinks he’s god’.

>’he’s killed Glastonbury’.



I’m only quoting the polite stuff………..

Now, this isn’t about my personal feelings towards Kanye or his music, I merely what to ask these people:


He has a very longstanding history of  notorious,  erratic, uncompromising, & controversial behaviour…this is the guy who has  compared himself to figures such as Jesus & Leonardo Da Vinci.

He simply is who he is, rightly or wrongly………….

I personally wouldn’t sit & watch ANY artist (his set was nearly 2 hours long btw) who I didn’t like! I don’t like Florence & Machine (who played the previous night) so guess what???……….I DIDNT WATCH THEM!

If I had happened to have flicked over the channel and Florence where on, I’d keep flicking, I wouldn’t then allow that negativity to fuel my entire Saturday night!

………..rant over (almost)………..

Relating this to you & your goals, this is the equivalent to knowing you hate dancing, particularly Latin style dancing, and attending a Zumba class!! Then upon doing so,  proceeding to tell everyone how much you hate Latin dancing…………

or hating cycling and attending a spin class!

You are never going to like it, and that’s ok, just don’t let it fuel your negativity, don’t let it take over.

We are all entitled to our opinions, I have an opinion on everything, but just don’t let it eat away at you.

Don’t waste your precious time on hating anything. I know first hand this can be far easier said than done, one thing I’m telling myself more often is:

‘If you don’t like something, change the channel.’

YOU need to decide what channel is right for YOU.

Until the next time,

Tristan ‘that that don’t kill me, will only make me stronger’ Buttle.

I hate driving…………………………


You’ve heard me say this before, but I am a terrible driver……

It’s true…

Ask anyone…….

Had a few scrapes here & there…..

I’ve got better over the years, but my main issue with driving now is patience…

Whenever I get stuck in traffic etc, I get agitated, frustrated & I just want to be at my destination!

I am the ‘are we there yet’ person!!

The lesson here is that patience is a skill, a skill that will help YOU with your own goals, both in & out of the gym…

Unfortunately results don’t happen overnight, and you won’t achieve all you truly desire without time.

This is often why people fall for the quick fixes:

>‘Drop a dress size in a weekend’
>‘4 minute abs’
>‘Weight loss in a pill’

We’ve all heard it all before, am I right?

I think people know deep down that these options are not long term solutions, but I understand why they fall into the trap of being sold the ‘miracles’…

Be consistent, do the work, don’t give up, keep moving forward, apply patience & you will get the results you desire….

As ever, if you need any help please do give me a shout.

That’s all for today, just a quick one today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘have a little patience’ Buttle.

P.S – I’ve got the Take That song in my head now!

P.P.S -Have a great weekend!

Today’s RANT……………….


I’ve worked in the fitness industry a long time, I’ve clocked over 15 years experience now & over the last few years I’ve seen a HUGE shift in the state of things…..

The internet, facebook, twitter, & instagram are all FULL of gyms & personal trainers all promising you the answers to your goals….

The fitness industry is MASSIVE now, with more gyms, more trainers, more internet gurus, more nutrionist’s, more ‘diet’ plans, more of everything…however despite all of this, the industry is FAILING…….


People in this country are sicker than ever before, obesity rates are higher than ever, & the total amount of the UK population who are a members of a gym clocks in at only 12%……

My advice to you is to NOT do what the majority are doing, because the majority are WRONG…

From my experience, here is my advice on what I think you should avoid:

>Any program that gets you ‘shredded or blitzed’ in a definite amount of time, but leaves you going STRAIGHT back to old ways & habits….often feeling even worse about yourself.

>Ladies, avoid ANY program/routine that uses the word ‘skinny’ in a complimentary manner.

>Any program/routine where you are NOT encouraged/motivated to change ANY part of your eating patterns/habits, unless of course your habits are already perfect?

>Any program that SOLELY focuses on total body weight ONLY. This is a factor but is not the ONLY factor when getting in shape, composition is the key.

>A system that replaces food with liquid (shakes)…. Post workout shakes are an exception for some people in a supplementary manner, but replacing actual meals with shakes does NOTHING to change your relationship with food.

>Unless you are actually stepping on a competitive bodybuilding stage, the need to eat like you are isn’t necessary, so any program that encourages you to live solely off chicken & broccoli multiple times EVERY DAY should BE avoided……

>ANYTHING that claims the answer is in a PILL!!

>Any trainer that CONTINUALLY boasts about their clients being sick through training!

I could honestly rant all day about this; it’s very close to my heart.

I’m passionate about this because I’ve seen awesome people with great intentions make bad decisions & bad choices due to false hope.

This leaves them feeling even more fed up, angry, and depressed……….

…………please don’t be one of these people,

……….take the time to research what is right for YOU…

YOU are individual and your routine/program should reflect YOUR needs…

You need a realistic program that YOU can stick to…

It’s confusing; I get it, that’s why I am here to help you………

You are not supposed to know the answers; you just need to ask the right questions to the right people…..

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘ranting’ Buttle.

P.S – nothing today, I’ve ranted enough!

What would you say?


If I asked you what your current eating habits/patterns are like, what would you say?

Would you say ‘its pretty good’……?

I’m willing to wager it’s what I call very ‘British’…..

What I mean by this is that it may look like a bit like this:

>Breakfast: if you do have it (because you are often in a rush or just don’t fancy eating first thing), it’s toast, made & eaten, on the run or maybe cereal.

>Lunch: sandwich, crisps, maybe a sneaky bar of chocolate or a few sly biscuits.

>Dinner: cooked meal.

>Snacks: fruit or maybe an additional bar of choccy…

Am I right?

If this isn’t you, I bet it there was a time when it was you?

Whilst the above isn’t necessarily wrong or bad…it’s far from optimal.

I blame the parents……

Seriously! We are all a nation of bread lovers, we are raised on bread, bread plays such a massive role in most peoples diets….however there are alternatives!

I believe its important to not label foods as bad or good, and prefer to look at it as making good or bad choices……..

…….for example having birthday cake isn’t bad, if it’s your birthday, but smashing birthday cake everyday isn’t a great choice!

Bread certainly isn’t the enemy, but likewise I’m yet to meet anyone who has reduced/cut down their daily intake of bread & felt worse.

When it comes to looking at a realistic eating pattern, I’m all about variety & choice.

There is more to your life & your routine than toast & sandwiches.

For more information, or if you’d like to know how to make some realistic choices, give me a shout.

Until the next time,

Tristan ‘kingsmill’ Buttle.

P.S – Sandwich thins are a way of reducing caloric intake from bread, admittedly they are smaller, but serve well as a lighter alternative, with typically no more than 99kcal per thin.



Have you told yourself this at some point this weekend?

Have you promised yourself?

Have you told yourself that this week (starting tomorrow, because you can’t start on a Sunday can you -madness) you WILL make a change…..

>You WILL make a difference……

>You WILL change your eating habits, you WILL get to the gym, you WILL take control….

What is stopping you?

No seriously, I want to know what actually is stopping you……..

I want to know, because I want to help…..

We all need help from time to time…myself included….

I’m here to tell you that you CAN make change, you can improve, you can move forward, you can get your mojo & your sassy swagger back, & you can be that version of yourself you want to be……..

However YOU must take that first step…I can help with the rest….

OR you can do this:

Start tomorrow, eat well, maybe train,& potentially just maybe get to sleep a little earlier than usual……….

Tuesday maybe the same, fingers crossed…….

Wednesday is hump day, right? You skip breakfast, start to fantasise about what you ‘SHOULDN’T’ be eating……you don’t train because you are tired, irritable & hungry…..

Thursday is worse, you are stressed and its ‘practically the weekend anyway’…

Friday, the weekend starts here right?

You admit failure in your mind and try to start again next Monday…

YOU didn’t fail, your TACTICS failed….

See the thing is, when you have dealt with this many many times (as I have), you see patterns, you see ways to help people just like you, you develop strategies….

Taking that very first step towards your goals is NEVER as scary as you think it will be, trust me

Until the next time,

Tristan ‘always here to help’ Buttle.

P.S: start realistic & small, consistency beats rare moments of greatness.

Conversations with a 15 year old……….


got into a chat about superheroes earlier with a young man named Ant, as you do at age 37……..

Ant is currently doing work experience at Cottingham Parks & we got to discussing superheroes & his childhood favourites……..

My fav was & always will be Batman….

Anyway, this got me thinking that the typical perception of a ‘fit pro’ isn’t that far from a superhero!

What I mean is that all fitness professionals are all super fit, super lean, super muscular warriors who are in top shape all year round, right?

We are always motivated, always disciplined, always positive………

Every aspect of our lives is always in order & sorted…



>YES as trainers we are motivated to workout (or should be)…….

>YES it’s a lifestyle……

>YES we love what we do………(btw if your trainer doesn’t then maybe you should start asking some questions)…..

However, this doesn’t mean that we don’t face the very same struggles you face with your fitness & health goals in other aspects of our life…..

We are human, like you……..Actually I’ve met some Trainer’s who when I think about it I’m pretty sure are either robots, cyborgs from the future, or maybe just socially retarded…. Anyway…I’m digressing………..

Here is the truth:

>We have insecurities, like you.

>We have fears, like you.

>We get upset, like you.

>We question ourselves, from time to time, like you.

>We need help with aspects of our lives, like you.

For example: just because I can apply my passion to helping others look & feel awesome, doesn’t mean I cannot learn from others to help other areas of my life.

We are ALL human…..We ALL need help with something at some point….. the key is to admit it & let the right person help you….

That’s all for today,

Tristan ‘one of middle names is actually Robin’ Buttle.
ps – who is your favourite?