You like that word don’t you?


…got asked this by a client earlier…he was referring to one my key words I use a lot…& that word is ‘optimal’ my friend….

……..In the gym world, I agree, that to a point, anything is better than nothing………and it’s rare that something is absolutely wrong (don’t get me wrong I’ve seen some shockers in my time) it’s just that very often its not optimal and not the best use of your time…

Is sitting on bike pedalling on a low level for 20 mins, a few crunches, and then go home wrong?


>Is it optimal?


You’ve heard the expression ‘anything is better than nothing’ right?

I agree with the notion of any movement is better than no movement & EVERYONE has to start somewhere…..however……


>Your job?

>Your relationship?

>Your kids?

Would you approach these areas with the ‘anything is better than nothing’ or would you desire & strive for more? Would you aim higher?

I want you to get the most out your time in the gym, I want you to get the results you TRULY want, and I want you to do what is optimal for you…..

Your time is valuable, I get it, I understand, as we grow older we get more responsibilities, we have more stuff going on, so why not use that time in the most effective way possible my friend?

Until the next time,

Tristan ‘optimal’ Buttle

Ps –optimal.


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