He forgot his trainers…………………


It happens, I get it… you come to the gym straight from work, get changed, unpack your gym gear, realise you’ve forgotten your trainers….and there’s nothing cool about wearing shorts & work shoes is there my friend?

Anyway, last night one guy forgot his trainers, as you do, so he asked if he could borrow any, fair request….however I’m a size 11, he’s a size 8, yet he was determined to fit into my spare pair…..

I appreciated the desire to train, and other than looking like a clown, for an upper body only session, it was fine as a one off…….however this got me thinking my friend…

We all do this with our health & fitness goals…we try to fit into other peoples shoes……

How many times have you wondered what the person next to you does in the gym?

>How do they organise their diet?

>How many carbs do they eat?

>How do they train?

>What classes do they do?

>Etc, etc, etc….

The thing is these answers are ALWAYS specific to the individual… the ‘one size fits all, cookie cutter approach’ simply doesn’t work, it’s not that easy…

Success does leave clues, but what works for one, is not guaranteed to work for another….

The body and mind can be very complex and everybody is unique, this is why treating everyone as an individual is at the heart of my approach………..

Until the next time,

Tristan ‘big shoes, big feet’ Buttle.

Ps give me a shout for a program you that YOU can stick to…..

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