Are you popular?


………..How many people do you know?


Grand total?

Include all your friends, family, colleagues & acquaintances…….Anyone you have ever known……

>It’s a fair few isn’t it?

Now of all of these people, how many of are either a member of a gym, or take part in a form of structured training?

>That list has now shrunk hasn’t it?

Now from that list, how many of them do so consistently performing at least 2/3 sessions every week?

>Shrunk a bit more, yes?

Now from that list, how many of those people have actually got the results they truly desire?

>Miniscule, am I right?

-If you are currently training, the purpose of today’s email is to ask you to stop beating yourself up!

If you ARE regularly going to the gym, swimming, or doing a class, you are doing FAR more than the average person. KEEP GOING!

You may not be where you want to be physically/mentally, but that’s a structure issue, not an attendance issue.

-If you are not currently training, the purpose of today’s email is to ask you not to do what the masses do…..because it simply doesn’t work.

Find consistency with a program/routine that YOU can follow and stick to…….. and above all else ask for help/advice from a professional.

Doing your ‘own’ thing is better than nothing, but is far from optimal………

Until the next time,

Tristan ‘do something different’ Buttle.

PS – 13% of the UK population are a member of a gym…..That’s it…13%

P.P.S -that figure is not active membership; it doesn’t mean they are actually using their chosen gym, only that they are a member.

P.P.PS – I know, crazy right?!


I stopped going to Mcdonalds after the gym……………….


That’s what she told me…….


Last year I was working with a girl called Sarah & her goal was to change her body shape, lose fat, & get her confidence back…

After deciding & planning what was the best route for her to tackle with her training, we got down to it. Sarah trained hard & completed all of her workouts as planned, despite being a busy woman working long shifts as a nurse.

8 weeks passed and Sarah looked pretty much the same… that’s right, no significant changes, despite training hard & consistently.


HOWEVER, here’s the thing, between weeks 8 & 10……….. MASSIVE CHANGE!

So I asked what she had done differently during this 2 week period?

Her reply?

‘I stopped going to McDonalds after the gym………’

To which I laughed, & replied ‘no seriously’?

She wasn’t joking!!

Due to her long hours, work stress, & training commitments, the lure of those golden arches on the way home proved too much for Sarah to resist.

Turns out she had frequented good old Ronald Mcdonalds house a couple of times a week, each week throughout her training plan, but didn’t want to confess!!!

The lessons here are clear:

1) Honesty. YOU have to be honest with YOURSELF. Your body does not lie, & you shouldn’t lie to yourself.

2) You cannot out train a poor eating pattern.

3) Lack of planning, convenience, fatigue, & stress will lead you to temptation every time; this is exactly the same for myself. We are all human, developing strategies to combat this is the key.

This is why a (honest) food diary coupled with a sensible & realistic nutritional plan that caters for YOUR lifestyle is at the heart of my approach.

If it rocks your boat, McDonalds should be a treat, not a habit.

A huge part of our approach at Cottingham Parks is lifestyle assessment.

Without taking an honest look at your lifestyle alongside your training; your results will be limited.

Working together, we can help you to help yourself.

Until the next time,

Tristan ‘hamburgular’ Buttle.

I’m a terrible driver…………………


My previous car (I use that word loosely) was a bit of a disaster…..

I inherited it from my dear mother…I’d had a few prangs along the way, nothing too major, although I did drive through one guys front garden fence once, true story…….he was not happy my friend….. I guess you could say I’m not the best driver………………….

Anyway, I recall one time when I had to take it in for an M.OT………..

……………I knew it was going to fail.


Well, whilst I know nothing of cars & the language of ‘firing on 3 cylinders’ or ’emissions test’ & such like is foreign to me………………..What I can say is that although my car was aging & was getting a bit battered, I was also guilty of not having it regularly serviced & checked.

I ignored certain issues, certain noises, certain creaks, & didn’t take regular & consistent care…………

Now I think you know where today’s story/message is going????

If we continue to neglect ourselves, if we keep driving constantly through life without ever stopping for a service, without topping up our fuel & water, if we ignore signs that something is wrong and keep our foot on the accelerator of life then we will also fail the M.O.T of our body and perhaps our mind………..

I cannot emphasise the importance of listening to your body enough my friend…

If you are in continual physical pain, get it examined on a professional level ASAP!

Don’t ignore it….

Likewise if you are in mental pain, talk to someone, a friend, someone who you trust. If you need to talk to a professional then do it, no shame….

If you need career advice, then do it… you do not have to be stuck in a job you hate, dont ignore your true goals….

If you are struggling to communicate with your partner, then don’t ignore it, it won’t go away, it will get worse….

Do what YOU need to do for YOU….this is YOUR life….

Until the next time,

Tristan ‘I’m in my mum’s car’ Buttle

P.S – nothing here today, but thanks for looking.

I’m not going to tell you…………………..


……….that you will LOVE exercise……….

I’m not going to tell you……………that you will LOVE lifting……..

I’m not going to tell you……………that you will love feeling breathless, with your heart pounding out of your chest………..

So why on earth would you choose to do it?!

Why would you put yourself through this discomfort, or perhaps at certain times, even pain?

Simple, because I can guarantee how you will feel AFTERWARDS:

Think about, when have you ever regretted going to the gym?

You should never regret a workout, ever……

You don’t need to do exercise for the love of exercise (if you do, that’s totally cool by the way), but consider how you it makes you feel AFTER you leave the gym or the studio:

>Do you feel more confident?

>Do you feel empowered?

>Are you proud of yourself?

>Is your day more productive?

>Are you more creative?

>Are your personal relationships better or worse?

Every single we have the opportunity to improve, to move forward…….




It’s not down to anyone else to make this choice for you….

Not your partner, your circumstances, your situation, your kids, it is YOU.

You have the power; you can take control of your situation.

You are stronger than you think,

Until the next time,

Tristan ‘sanity over vanity’ Buttle.

P.S – there’s nothing wrong with picking a mode of training you enjoy, such as a group exercise class, the best routine for YOU is one that YOU can stick to.

A quick lesson from Scarlett Johansson………


Yep, I admit it, I’m a big kid at times…..

………….I had the pleasure of seeing a 3D IMAX screening of Avengers 2 last night, and it didn’t disappoint, visually epic…….

I won’t drop any spoilers today for any fellow fans out there….

But I wanted to share a quick message with you…

During one scene, Bruce Banner (the Hulks alter ego, before he goes green & kicks off, played by Mark Ruffalo) is confiding in Natasha Romanova’s character (played by Scarlet Johansson) about his concerns over his lack of control & how when he loses it as the Hulk he’s scared of what might happen…….and that he basically cannot allow himself get close to her…….he is ashamed and afraid of who he is…and is full of self doubt.

We then learn from Natasha that, due to her severe background (as a trained assassin), she has had to make some very tough, quite harrowing decisions along the way & isn’t at all at peace with herself….

After we hear her story, she turns to Bruce & says:

‘Bet you thought you where the only monster on this team’?

My point here is that we ALL have issues….

We ALL have demons….

We are ALL capable of being ‘monsters’…

Even the most outwardly ‘perfect’ or ‘beautiful’ person will have their own internal struggles, their own insecurities, & their own fights…………

So I want you to stop………

>Stop beating yourself up……

>Stop comparing yourself to others….

>Stop being so down on yourself…

>Stop telling yourself you are not good enough…….

>Stop self sabotaging……

>Stop being your own worst critic………

Get up & start believing in yourself….start accepting who you are and start taking action my friend……..

That’s all for today, until the next time

Tristan ‘manchild’ Buttle.

P.S – Scarlett Johansson….wow! Just had to get that out there!! Although I’m not feeling her recent ‘Miley Cyrus’ hair do…. but like I said…we all have issues……..

You like that word don’t you?


…got asked this by a client earlier…he was referring to one my key words I use a lot…& that word is ‘optimal’ my friend….

……..In the gym world, I agree, that to a point, anything is better than nothing………and it’s rare that something is absolutely wrong (don’t get me wrong I’ve seen some shockers in my time) it’s just that very often its not optimal and not the best use of your time…

Is sitting on bike pedalling on a low level for 20 mins, a few crunches, and then go home wrong?


>Is it optimal?


You’ve heard the expression ‘anything is better than nothing’ right?

I agree with the notion of any movement is better than no movement & EVERYONE has to start somewhere…..however……


>Your job?

>Your relationship?

>Your kids?

Would you approach these areas with the ‘anything is better than nothing’ or would you desire & strive for more? Would you aim higher?

I want you to get the most out your time in the gym, I want you to get the results you TRULY want, and I want you to do what is optimal for you…..

Your time is valuable, I get it, I understand, as we grow older we get more responsibilities, we have more stuff going on, so why not use that time in the most effective way possible my friend?

Until the next time,

Tristan ‘optimal’ Buttle

Ps –optimal.

He forgot his trainers…………………


It happens, I get it… you come to the gym straight from work, get changed, unpack your gym gear, realise you’ve forgotten your trainers….and there’s nothing cool about wearing shorts & work shoes is there my friend?

Anyway, last night one guy forgot his trainers, as you do, so he asked if he could borrow any, fair request….however I’m a size 11, he’s a size 8, yet he was determined to fit into my spare pair…..

I appreciated the desire to train, and other than looking like a clown, for an upper body only session, it was fine as a one off…….however this got me thinking my friend…

We all do this with our health & fitness goals…we try to fit into other peoples shoes……

How many times have you wondered what the person next to you does in the gym?

>How do they organise their diet?

>How many carbs do they eat?

>How do they train?

>What classes do they do?

>Etc, etc, etc….

The thing is these answers are ALWAYS specific to the individual… the ‘one size fits all, cookie cutter approach’ simply doesn’t work, it’s not that easy…

Success does leave clues, but what works for one, is not guaranteed to work for another….

The body and mind can be very complex and everybody is unique, this is why treating everyone as an individual is at the heart of my approach………..

Until the next time,

Tristan ‘big shoes, big feet’ Buttle.

Ps give me a shout for a program you that YOU can stick to…..