Why so serious?


Why so serious?

In the current world of social media, gym ‘selfies’, hashtags, so called ‘motivational’ quotes (no pain no gain anyone?) and what seems like millions of PT’s and instructors all ‘smashing’ their workouts whilst competing with each other over who can sweat, bleed, puke or feint the most, major factors are getting lost…………HAVING A LAUGH and making training fun and accessible.

I drove past a very well known gym the other day and saw an advert for ‘Insanity’, the latest in a long line of ‘revolutionary’ fat burning programs (circuit training then), that read:

Insanity…. GET FIT OR GET OUT!

That’s it. Basic? Yes. To the point? Yup. Hardcore? Maybe. Intimidating? Definitely.

Now in terms of creating a demand for such a class, this is very niche market. Insanity is pretty challenging and certainly not advisable for beginners but this marketing is surely a bit strong? I mean how many true hardcore people are out there? 12 – 13% of the UK population are a member of a gym, so the remaining 88% of people out there are going to drive by that very sign and believe that that’s what the ‘gym’ is all about, getting fit or getting out! How many people drove by and thought ‘that sounds great, right up my street, where do I sign up’?!

The thing is most of these classes/workouts and even other instructors seem to be in competition with each other, and by doing so they are forgetting about the average person on the street who is scared of taking that first step. Posting a workout and showing how ‘insane you train’ may impress like minded piers/friends but will do nothing but add to the stigma that is already attached to the ‘gymlife’. Training knowledge and info is important to share but I would challenge at times how it’s delivered and in turn perceived. There’s absolutely no point in a fitness professional appealing to another fitness professional whilst being totally unappealing to the guy (or girl) in the street!

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t know anyone that ever got anywhere (in or out of the gym) without training hard and without being consistent and I do advocate and advise that an individual pushes themselves to their limits, within reason. The key focus here is an individual’s limits are specific to themselves. There is no substitute for hard work and there are no secrets to success, but if you happen to potentially have a laugh along the way, you wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) be judged!

What I am saying is that there is far more to getting results than simply ‘going hard or going home’, if you aren’t actually enjoying what you are doing, you are not going to stick to it, simple. You can train hard and still have a laugh! It’s ok! Have balance; don’t substitute hard work for joking around, but likewise its accceptable and essential to enjoy what you are doing, especially if you are just starting out in the world of training.

If you are reading this and you are currently not actually enjoying what you are doing and cannot remember the last time you had fun or a bit of a laugh in the gym, then maybe you need to look at why?

Anyway, thanks for reading, I’m going to go and train insane, take a gym selfie, go hard then go home, then put it all on facebook.


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