Getting older, talking to my younger self, skipping leg day and eating too much cheese.


Conversations with my younger self.

I’m getting older.

I hate to admit this but it’s true. I guess Ive been dodging the admittance since I hit 30, the last 5 years have literally flown by. It’s quite amazing really when I actually stop and think about it.

I started training, like most guys do, by lifting what where essentially bits of plastic covered sand on a bar in my bedroom with no real direction or focus, all I knew was I wanted to be big. I guess I felt at the time that ‘bigger equals better’.

Maybe it was the childhood heroes of Schwarzenegger and Stallone (I’m a child of the 80s), or by being called Tristan and going to private school was enough for local kids to mock and bully, or perhaps the fact that even to this day team sports and the language of Football simply doesn’t speak to me. Whatever was driving me, I was hooked. I guess the truth is, lifting weights just made sense to me.

I see lots of younger guys who can’t wait to turn 16 so they can also hit the gym like I did,  and they often do so with enthusiasm, energy and drive. However, I also see common areas that could be addressed to make their training more optimal and in turn more beneficial. I’m not saying that this blog only just applies to anyone who is 16- 25, don’t worry if you are older (like me) then you will still benefit from reading on!

As a teenager and a younger man I made many mistake, in and out of the gym. If I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with my younger self about training and life, what would I say? What would I work on?

I would tell myself:

-No matter how big you get, without working on your true inner confidence, you will always be chasing.

-Try not to worry what other people think of you, you cannot be friends with everyone. This is the same in life and in the gym.

-Calm down! In all aspects of life, life is a marathon, not a sprint.

-Balance your training, whilst you love training chest & arms (what guy doesn’t?), focus on the other areas of your body with equal focus & intensity.

-Don’t lift with your ego, you are going to get injured, trust me I am your older self, I should know!

-Do not skip leg day.

-Read more.

-The gym isn’t a place to show off with your mates, remember for some people just walking through the front door is a challenge.

-Talk to Mum & Dad & your sister about why you are training, help them understand.

-Don’t eat as much cheese!

-Don’t skip leg day!

-In your bid to get bigger, don’t allow yourself to get fatter, just because you look big in clothes doesn’t mean you are going to look good naked, again I should know.

-Listen more to those older & more experienced people in the gym. Seek professional advice when unsure.


-Warm up appropriately.

-Cool down appropriately.

-Educate yourself on nutrition.

-Admit that you do not know everything about training, nutrition and life, and be at ease with that fact. It’s ok, you are not expected to know, I still do not know and I am still learning.

-The next 10 years of your life are going to fly by, seek every opportunity for happiness and be careful about how your actions impact others.

I’m sure there’s more, but knowing my younger self, I’d probably be bored by now!

Hopefully you can take away a few points for you own training and lifestyle.

As is the same in life and with training, we can all learn from our mistakes, and keep moving forward.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, if you found it useful please like and share with others.

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One thought on “Getting older, talking to my younger self, skipping leg day and eating too much cheese.

  1. Love the multiple mentions of not skipping leg day. On reading this post I feel the urge to listen to “Sunscreen” by Baz Lurhhhhhhhman (or however you spell his name). The easiest way I have found to lift better is to leave the weight of your ego at the gym door. Love the blog posts – KUTGW

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