Light hearted lifestyle lessons to be learnt from Leo (our cat). Part 2.


Light hearted lifestyle lessons to be learnt from Leo (our cat). Part 2.

Following my last blog about our ‘hairy son’, (, I have still been hanging out with Leo and his behaviour still cracks me up and continues to intrigue me.

I have noted another huge lesson we can learn from Leo. He has the ability to do one very simple thing that we humans seem to really struggle with….

If Leo wants something or needs help with anything, he isn’t afraid to speak up or ask!

He has absolutely no problem in speaking up and/or raising his paw (quite literally) when he needs something. Admittedly he is a VERY loud cat, and his requests are very often centred on food and attention (like father like son!) However I believe we can all learn from this.

Rather than continuing to struggle in any aspect of life, if we all admitted we need some occasional help and assistance we would surely progress through life easier and in turn reach our goals quicker?

This does take a certain level of admittance and confidence, particular when using the gym as an example. I see many gym users who are afraid to ask for help and who would rather struggle on with what they ‘think’ is right rather than asking for advice. This will lead nowhere, fast. Results breed retention and very often tweaking things such as technique and tempo can have a massive effect and play a huge part in achieving ones goals.

Very often people drop out of the gym because they believe it ‘doesn’t work’ as they didn’t achieve what they wanted, not that perhaps they maybe weren’t doing what was right for them?

The chances are, especially if you are new to the gym and/or a particular new method of training, then you won’t know what you are doing. But guess what? That’s ok! That’s normal! Do you think I or any other Fitness Industry professional could turn up at your job tomorrow and perform it efficiently and effectively without asking for any help and advice? Do you think I could I look after your kids without asking any prior questions and learning all about them as individuals? Even then, would I be successful instantly?

This not only applies to gym users but also fitness professionals. I see a lot of people in this industry who are scared to ask for help, like it’s seen as a perceived weakness, this is madness! Nobody can be expected to know EVERYTHING about EVERY aspect of fitness, training and nutrition. Part of what makes this industry so enjoyable is things are constantly evolving and new things are brought to our attention all the time, so learning and embracing the new is essential to keep moving forward.

I would suggest it’s far more beneficial for us all to confidently say ‘I’m not sure what I’m doing’ rather than under confidently say ‘I know what I’m doing’.

Speak up and you will move forward quicker.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, now go forward and be more cat!

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