How to convince the world you are weird.


Defining weird:

Adjective: weird; comparative adjective: weirder; superlative adjective: weirdest

synonyms: uncanny, eerie, unnatural, preternatural, supernatural, unearthly, other-worldly, unreal, ghostly, mysterious, mystifying, strange, abnormal, unusual.

‘I mean, obviously a lot of people look at you…and they think it’s kind of strange, what you’re doing. But those are the people who don’t know much about it. As soon as you find out what the whole thing is about, then it’s just like any other thing. It’s not any stranger as going into a car…and trying to go a quarter mile in five seconds. l mean, that, for me, is strange’.

-Arnold Schwarzenegger. Pumping Iron.

Over the years I have noted and observed the reactions of individuals who are faced with the actions of either myself or others within the fitness industry. When I refer to the industry for the sake of this blog, I am also referring to anyone who trains regularly and makes an effort to life the lifestyle they desire which is often based on their goals, and not just those who work within the industry.

Generally speaking as individuals we don’t always handle change all that positively. We make think we do, but change can sometimes bring about feelings of doubt, uncertainty and a lack of control. When faced with an individual who is doing something different to what we believe is ‘normal’ this can be off-putting because we don’t fully understand. If used positively, the perceived ‘weirdness’ or unfamiliar behaviour of others can lead to some questions being asked that could potentially help your current situation, this is true for most avenues of life but especially with regards to training and nutrition.

When it comes to training/nutrition the reality is that these ‘weird’ habits are only weird because the behaviours are not considered the ‘norm’ to others. This is mainly due to a lack of understanding on their part.

Now don’t get me wrong, if someone is performing an exercise that has been clearly ‘made up’ or a YouTube emulation, there is nothing beneficial to be learnt other than what to avoid doing! What I am referring to is the behaviour of those around you that may be a little different or seem a little weird from which you can learn, and in turn hopefully progress.

I have a theory that (WITHIN REASON) nothing is weird if as individuals we feel comfortable and relaxed. If you don’t believe me try hugging a stranger in the street and you’ll see my point! However hugging a loved one isn’t weird is it? BUT if we where all raised to hug strangers in the street from birth would it still be weird?

The same theory applies to training & nutrition. As education continues to develop and the word is spread maybe this perceived weirdness of others will become less common. I often chat to parents who train about their feelings of responsibility of setting the example to their kids, so the idea of ‘mum and dad go to the gym’ from a young age becomes normal (not weird), the same applies to the eating habits set to the kids as responsible adults. Therefore eating fresh, unprocessed food the majority of the time is again ‘normal’.

If you do ever feel weird, alienated from others, a lack of being understood, get funny looks when you take your supplements, or your friends/family don’t always understand why you are ‘always at the gym’, I invite and encourage you to keep moving forward. We do live in a somewhat judgemental world and we are quick to pass our opinions on others, and everyone is guilty of this at some point. I suggest the ‘weirdos’ understand where the others are coming from, and try to help them understand and the non weirdos try to accept that perception is reality to most of us!

I’ve shared a selection of behaviours/habits I have found which seem to be perceived as weird or strange to others.

So if you want to be a weirdo read on:

1 Drink a protein shake in public. Drink a caffeinated, carbonated can of sugar and that’s fine, drink whey protein and you are a weirdo! If you are female – this is twice as weird!

2 Take BCAA pills during your workouts. Whilst following the 12 week body plan by Nick Mitchell (which is an amazing guide btw) I was taking a considerable amount of BCCA in pill format. I remember a woman telling me ‘you shouldn’t be taking those, it’s bad for you’. I simply replied ‘shouldn’t be taking what’? She in turn responded with ‘those pills, they are bad for you’. I again replied ‘shouldn’t be taking what’? My point being that this lady in question had literally no idea what I was taking (the pills where not in the usual branded tub either) so how can it determined ‘bad for you’.

3 Eat Bacon & Eggs for breakfast in preference over traditional cereal choices. I still get people telling me that their choice of cereal or jam and toast is ‘healthy’ and my choice of bacon/eggs isn’t! Again, I must be a weirdo…..

4 Eat meat and nuts – This combination still blows some people minds.

5 Eat meals out of Tupperware boxes – are you mad?!

6 Eat fat – weirdos believe that fat doesn’t make you fat.

7 If you are female, lift heavy weights – doing this alone will probably cause others to question your sanity. Doing this in favour of hours of endless cardio should be enough to be classed as’ weird’.

8 Modify the menu in cafes & restaurants etc – ask for dressings on the side, order without chips/bread – some places are very accommodating but some places you will find that ordering ANYTHING without ether bread or chips is weird!

9 Record your progress; track your calorie intake – whilst this may not be deemed as fully ‘weird’ it may be perceived as’ obsessive’.

10 Go out socially with friends/family and don’t drink alcohol whilst the majority of group does – yep, weird.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, now go forward and be weird!

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