Nutrition: 17 things you already know but are not doing.


Nutrition: 17 things you already know probably but are not doing.

The world of nutrition with regards to weight loss, or more specifically fat loss, can get very misleading and can leave you feeling confused. Information and advice is readily available at the click of a mouse and your friend gary google will happily give you 137,000,000 results for fat loss, however in this age of information & technology we seem to be forgetting the basic principals and potentially losing sight of what and why we eat certain foods.

This quick blog is to summarise what I believe you already know, but are potentially not doing with your current eating pattern and lifestyle. I am not going to blow your mind with any radical new approaches to healthy eating, likewise there are no secrets or exclusive tips contained in this blog, just a recap and refresh of what you probably already know but are also probably not doing on a consistent basis.

 So here we go………

1) If you can grow it, chances are you should eat it.

2) If you can pick it, chances are you should eat it.

3) If you can kill it, chances are you should eat it.

4) Eggs are the ‘eggception’ (see what I did there?) to the above rules, eggs are your friend, don’t worry about cholesterol unless you are already an extremely overweight, sofa ridden, chain smoking, heavy drinker, with a longstanding history of family heart disease/problems. Eggs are a truly fantastic source of protein. An egg has an extremely high biological value, meaning that it provides a great supply of complete proteins. It’s not that the protein content is super high in an egg (average of 6 to 8 grams per egg) it’s the value and the quality of the protein that makes it a wise choice.

5) Microwave meals should not ever be a reality in your life, ever, fullstop.

6) If the food you are about to eat has a TV commercial, then it is perhaps not the most optimal choice in terms of nutrient density!

7) If the food you are about to eat is represented/advertised by a cartoon character, this also isn’t perhaps not the most optimal choice in terms of nutrient density!

8) Low fat products are not the answer to losing fat.

9) Your plate should always contain vegetables. (Ideally a third/quarter of a normal sized plate).

10) Supplements should only be introduced after you have established a consistent and regular eating pattern and shouldn’t be relied as a meal replacement opposed to real food. The main exception to this rule being post workout for CERTAIN individuals.

11) Banish fizzy drinks from your household; cast them out into the cold world.

12) Drink more water. See my previous blog simply titled ‘Are you drinking enough water’?

13) Don’t overeat on fruit. Fruit is not your enemy but does contain sugar, so overeating can jack up your daily intake. Be sensible and be moderate with your fruit.

14) Nuts can be a great snack, and a tremendous source of good fats & protein. However, do not overeat on nuts (I have tendency to this, bring a full bag of nuts to work, 30 mins late, smashed them all in!) as they are calorific and easy to binge on. Control your intake and take a measure for the day. This also applies to nut butters and oils.

15) Do NOT fear carbohydrate! Think about the timings of when you eat your carbs instead of completely cutting them out. I personally advise timing your carb intake around your workout, and potentially lowering your carb intake on non training days. This is obviously case specific.

16) If you work in an office environment you don’t need to eat donuts/cakes/mounds of sugar simply because it’s ‘Friday’. Don’t be bullied into fitting in and bowing down to pier pressure, stay strong to your goals. If your colleagues truly understand, eventually they will support your goals. If not, that is their problem, not yours.

17) Get creative; there is no need to simply live on chicken and broccoli 4 times a day! Learn how to cook in different styles, try new things, embrace change in the kitchen, get social and involve your friends/partner/husband/wife and kids in the creative process.

Most importantly, how you eat should be a direct correlation on how you perform and how you feel. We are all programmed differently and uniquely and what works for one person, is not guaranteed to work for you. Your nutritional plan should always be specific to you as an individual.

How many of the above 17 pointers do you adhere to on a consistent basis?

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, if you found it useful please like and share with others.

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