Not your typical training partner.


Do you train alone? In a group? With a friend?

Having a training partner can provide you with some potentially massive benefits and can help to enhance your workout in many ways.

HOWEVER, you can be a training partner in forms. For example, my training partner for the next 4 weeks will NOT be training with me every session; in fact we will probably average one session a week (if that) together, the rest of the time we will train independently. This is mainly due to conflicting work schedules and clashing availability.

However what we DO provide for each other over the next 4 weeks is:

-We both have the same goals/outcomes.

-A shared experience of the same workout structure/experience/intensity even though we are training separately at different times.

-Accountability to each other, we both know that the other is pushing hard and training consistently, and this drives us both forward!

-We are both positively motivating each other through the program (which is intense btw!)

-We are both following the same approach & principals to our eating pattern (obviously our macros are specific to us as individuals), again, sharing the experience.

I’m sharing this approach with you to get you thinking about your own training and your own goals, would it be easier if you shared the experience with someone who was like minded? Would the accountability help drive you forward?

On a side note, I also have another training partner, my wife. Again we are accountable to each other for one workout per week. I purposely chose the workout I perform with my wife as my leg routine, this is due to leg training being a personal challenge for myself (that’s me being polite btw!) whereas she loves it! This is again all about accountability & consistency.

This model/concept of training partner does not suit all methods of training; however I am suggesting that sharing the experience and having accountability to each other can help you and your partner drive each other forward to achieve more.

Your training partner is your friend.



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